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The Center for Excellence in Writing is here to support you as UB migrates to a remote-learning model for instruction.  We are currently offering a full schedule of synchronous online appointments.  

To learn more about our online appointment function, go to the Make an Appointment page on our website, scroll to the bottom and click on “Learn more about online appointments.”  

Our caring consultants are ready to provide you with a friendly, supportive conversation about your writing through a virtual experience that is as beneficial as our in-person consultations. 

Should you be unable to meet with a consultant synchronously, we now offer an "e-tutoring" option in which we can provide feedback to your draft within two business days.  Please email writing@buffalo.edu to arrange for "e-tutoring".  

If you have questions or need assistance in navigating the WCOnline platform, please contact the CEW at writing@buffalo.edu . 

The CEW is a very welcoming resource on campus. As a transfer student in my second semester, I am very appreciative of their welcoming environment since it makes me feel like I fit in on campus.

Community News

Sarah values forming long-term working relationships with our writers, helping them develop not only their writing but their critical thinking and intellectual maturity as they pursue their degrees. Working closely with our current Featured Writer Anthony Liotta, Sarah, describes what she finds so rewarding in being a CEW consultant.
A major predictor of student success is being a resource user.  Anthony Liotta is a great example of this strategy in action. In just the first semester of his freshman year, Anthony has become a frequent visitor to the CEW and his enthusiasm and work ethic have made him a favorite around here. [Read more here ►]
This past spring Kellie Jean Sharp defended her literary studies dissertation, “Experimental Intimacies and Biopolitics: 20th-Century Women’s Writing and the Politics of Bodily (Ex)change.” Teaching up to four classes while writing, Sharp recognized the challenge of managing different academic tasks. Sharp’s close working relationship with her committee helped create a reflective practice that enabled her to accomplish immediate and long-term research, professional and personal goals. Read her full story here.
For those who have run into an obstacle in their writing process, or needed some last-minute help, but the CEW was booked up - we hear you! This semester, our Writing Lab in 128 Capen will be a walk-in lab for undergraduates. Learn more here!