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We support students, faculty and staff and enjoy working with international and multilingual students. At our main site, 209 Baldy, our peer consulting service can help with any type of writing: essays, reports, dissertations, articles, personal statements, emails…anything! If you compose it, we will work with you on it. We also support UB by doing workshops, presentations and hosting special programs. We hold writing retreats and can help your department with writing support initiatives such as special workshops, writing groups, or in-house retreats.

At the Digital Composition Lab in 128 Capen, we extend our services to aid writers in integrating digital components into their compositions or in developing digitally mediated works.

Luke Heister is the CEW’s featured consultant for November 2017.  Luke is a Ph.D. candidate in English. His research is focused on American fiction authors writing after World War II who function as critics, using aesthetics to bring to light the intersections of social science, American democracy, and domestic social policies like the War on Poverty. When he’s not working on his dissertation, he is revisiting classic episodes of Twin Peaks to prepare for the new season, cooking, watching films, and getting back into running.

Luke is valued at the CEW for his thoughtful, ease-inspiring consultations with undergraduate and graduate level UB Writers.  Luke is highly invested in the CEW’s model of the dialogic consultation, and he views listening as being as (or even more) important than his own verbal contributions to the session. Luke notes that “This practice of listening has made me a better global reader of my own work, the work of my peers, and the students I teach.”

Meet our latest featured writer! Katrina Ma is a freshman here at UB, hailing from Queens, New York. She is majoring in Chemical Engineering and thinks she may want to go on to work for a food production company, but she will explore her options through internships and further experiences in her coursework.  She comes to the CEW an average of twice a week to work on her assignments in English 105 and in her Engineering seminar. She continues to apply what she's learned at the CEW and finds her writing improving in grammar, structure, clarity and flow.

Join us in the Digital Composition Lab (Capen 128 in the Silverman Library) Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Come enjoy low-stress, casual conversation with our friendly staff! No need to bring anything, just yourself and a willingness to talk!

Online consultations will no longer be available at the main center (CEW) except on Sundays. Instead, online appointments will be held at the Digital Composition Lab (Capen 128 in the Silverman Library). To make an online appointment, follow the instructions here: Online Appointments.