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The Center for Excellence in Writing is offering synchronous online appointments seven days a week this Spring semester. You can schedule an appointment now! 

Our friendly consultants are ready to have a conversation with you about your writing project and give you any feedback or support that will help.  Our virtual consultation experience is as beneficial as our in-person consultations. 

If you have questions or need assistance in navigating the WCOnline platform, please contact the CEW at writing@buffalo.edu . 

The CEW is a very welcoming resource on campus. As a transfer student in my second semester, I am very appreciative of their welcoming environment since it makes me feel like I fit in on campus.

Community News

Like many other international students, I’ve previously experienced the more passive style of learning English, where students are expected to choose or put into the blank space one right answer. With time, we tend to focus only on answers right or wrong, and we get used to prioritizing correctness of the language over the need of voicing our opinion truthfully.
The CEW was an indispensable part of Danny’s writing process. From brainstorming to final touches, and from preparing his conference presentations to refining his research manuscripts, the CEW consultants were there to help him with all facets of his academic writing. [Read more here ►]
Motivation is an internal energy force that is required for the direction of effort in our pursuit of a goal. It is natural that we will have ebbs and flows of this energy in the prolonged dissertation journey. However, it pays to be mindful about our sources of motivation, helping us renew our energy and work. Read the full story here.
The CEW remains open to help everyone with their writing! During the COVID-19 situation, we have moved to our services online, and even introduced some new services! Click here for more on how we're here for you.