Welcome to the Center for Excellence in Writing!

Our Main Center is located in Norton 17, just down the hall from Capen 1

Your voice is like no other. Welcome to the conversation.

Welcome back UB writers!

We can't wait to see our writing community back in our main center @ 17 Norton.

This semester, the CEW is offering extended evening hours to help you meet your deadlines and due dates:
 - Monday & Tuesday: 10am - 5pm
 - Wednesday & Thursday: 10am - 8pm
 - Friday: 10am - 6pm

Additionally, we have moved to the Navigate scheduling system for appointment scheduling, better integrating our services with UB academics. See our Make an Appointment page for more information.

The CEW is a very welcoming resource on campus. As a transfer student in my second semester, I am very appreciative of their welcoming environment since it makes me feel like I fit in on campus.

Community News

"Working with students at the CEW has been the highlight of my undergraduate career, connecting to the various unique perspectives offered by students has expanded my own understanding of what it means to be a writer," says Lilli. [Click to read more of what Lilli has to say about working a the CEW!]
The Center for Excellence in Writing has moved its scheduling to UB's Navigate system and mobile app! Appointment scheduling is easier than ever before. More info coming this week!
For Dr. Luisa Angeles, Chemistry, her dissertation journey highlights valuable principles that can help any PhD student:  find community, keep moving forward, create a productive mindset, and tap into your positive motivation.  Sound familiar? Read more here.
Transgender and non-binary students often report finding classroom spaces uncomfortable. The CEW's Dana Fang is leading a faculty workshop (9/21) about what faculty can do to make classrooms safer and more affirming spaces, based on experiences shared with workshop attendees from UB's transgender and non-binary student community. Click to learn more and to register!