Graduate Students

The Center for Excellence in Writing has proven to be a powerful resource for graduate students.

Writing Consultations for Graduate Students

Feel free to come in with specific questions, for a brainstorming session, or to request feedback on a specific aspect of your work.  While we may not have a consultant in your discipline, sometimes a thoughtful outside reader can provide you with a valuable perspective about the clarity of your work.  There are times when just talking it out with a peer can help you unknot the inevitable tangles in your project.   

We can help you with a wide variety of writing projects including:  

Even though I had a rather difficult and exclusive topic, he took the time to understand necessary concepts in order to approach the essay.

The CEW helped me a lot in both my dissertation and drafts of my journal papers.

  • Course papers
  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Proposals
  • Job application materials
  • Conference Presentations
  • Group Projects
  • Journal articles

Check out our Write Through: Dissertation Inspiration resources below, or jump to our Graduate FAQ at the bottom of this page!

Write Through: Dissertation Inspiration!

Write Through: Dissertation Inspiration.

Write Through: Dissertation Inspiration is a collaboration between The Graduate School and The Center for Excellence in Writing. It includes dissertation retreats, workshops on productive writing strategies, and an article series. Our goal is to bring community, support, and shared wisdom to dissertation writers across UB.

Dissertation Retreats

Our Dissertation Retreats, co-sponsored by The Graduate School, help you to make bursts of significant progress toward completion of major projects.

Dissertation Retreats are five day, focused, writing events.  Normally, we offer a writing retreat during Spring Break.  However, this semester no Spring Break is scheduled, so we are offering instead.....

Writing Group, every Thursday and Sunday from 6pm - 9pm throughout the Spring semester.  

Check in for support, camaraderie and accountability and then enjoy this time set aside for intensive writing with your friends.  

Email to get the Zoom link.  You can show up every week or only when you feel like it!  


I would participate in this every day until my dissertation was complete, if it was available.

I like the retreat for hearing the collective struggles and successes of the group. It makes me feel part of a community of writers.

Productive Writing Workshops

Upcoming Workshop:  "Taking Control of Your Dissertation Process" -- share and discuss productive writing strategies including time management, mindset, environment and social support for keeping up your writing momentum and hitting your deadlines. 

Day and time:  TBA 

Email to register.

Write Through: Dissertation Inspiration article series

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our Graduate level writing and consultations services. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please reach out to us at