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Every consultant has different ways of writing and every consultant provides different values and it is important to have different opinions. Overall, every consultant provides different values for my writing.

amanda h.

Amanda H     Dance, Linguistics, & English     Undergraduate Student

Amanda is an undergraduate student from Massachusetts. Her interests include anything in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. She loves to dance, paint, read psychological thrillers, travel, study foreign languages, and listen to true crime podcasts. Amanda plans to perform as a professional dancer after college, then pursue a graduate degree in linguistics. In the writing center, she enjoys meeting students from diverse backgrounds and learning from them and their experiences.

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Amy G        English     Doctoral Student

Amy loves teaching science writing, and her current research focuses on the connections among different forms of popular genre fiction. Her other research interests include literary postmodernism, Derridean philosophy, the history of science, and animal studies. In her spare time, she's a dedicated cat whisperer.

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Andy L.

Andy L        English     Doctoral Student

Born and raised in Western New York, Andy has taught writing classes at universities in the Buffalo area for the past five years. His research interests include American and Native American literature and, more broadly, the relationship between literature and history. Andy's two great passions are hockey and birding, and given the Buffalo Sabres' record over the past decade, he's been doing a lot of birding.

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ashley m.

Ashley M    History     Doctoral Student

While traveling in Northern Ireland, someone stopped Ashley to ask for directions every day, maybe she knows where she’s going, or maybe she just has one of those faces, the world may never know. As a PhD candidate in History, Ashley researches community-based forms of resistance amidst conflict. Aside from waiting to be consulted for her expertise on a top-secret mission à la National Treasure style, Ashley enjoys watching football, playing trivia with friends, and kayaking. 

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Botan D.

Botan D        Philosophy     Doctoral Student

Botan studies philosophy, and his main research interests are the nature of agency and reasoning. He also studied psychology as an undergraduate. Some of his non-academic goals are to produce electronic music, learn to speak German, and become an amateur astronomer. 

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Brandon B.

Brandon B    History     Doctoral Student

An old boss once told Brandon that being able to write a good email would lead to easier jobs and less time unloading trucks. Brandon never forgot that advice. He no longer has that job and is now a PhD candidate in History studying how the possible decimation of beaver populations during the early fur trade era might have affected the Seneca in the 17th century. He also likes breakfast and woodworking.

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Brooke B.

Brooke B     English     Doctoral Student

Brooke is a Ph.D. candidate in the English department studying contemporary American poetry interested in the intersections of individuals with space. She enjoys driving in reverse, talking to inanimate objects, and physical mail.

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Cassidy P.

Cassidy P     Classics     Doctoral Student

Cassidy is a native Floridian pursuing her PhD in the Classics Department.  Her research focuses on Roman ceramics in the Arno Valley.  Outside of school, she loves cooking and baking bread, vegetable gardening, and taking her dog Baco on adventures.

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Christina C     English     Master's Student

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Ciara F     English     Doctoral Student

Ciara is currently a second-year PhD student in the English Department at UB. Her interests vary from "pop" Shakespeare adaptations and appropriations to comic books, graphic novels, and cultural studies. In her free time, Ciara enjoys running, fangirling over any and all Marvel and DC content, and taking care of her three cats, Tasha, Bruce, and Peaches (pictured). 

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ella l.

E L     Theater & English    Undergraduate Student

E is an undergraduate student pursuing theatre and creative writing. As a nonbinary person, much of their work centers around themes of queer identity and transmasculine experience. Their writing mostly takes the form of poetry and plays. Outside of school, E spends time cooking vegan food, working on crafts, and growing their skills as a drag artist.

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Eric V.

Eric V        English

Eric is interested in new ways of reading various avant-guard, experimental, and liminal textual practices, particularly those dealing with scientific discourses and atypical fiction writing methodologies. His dissertation focuses on the fiction of William S. Burroughs.

As a CEW consultant, he enjoys working on graduate-level papers, dissertations, and peer-reviewed articles in STEM fields.


Erin T     English Education     Master's Student

Erin is a student in her 5th year of the UB teach program for English Education. Erin is extremely passionate about education and adolescent literacy, and hopes to become a middle or high school teacher after completing her student teaching. Erin loves watching horror movies, reading, gluten free baking, and making flower arrangements. 

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grace p.

Grace P     History Education (UB Teach)     Undergraduate Student

Grace is in the UBTeach program studying History Education. They are passionate about learning from diverse cultures, and hope to apply this to their education and future. Outside of school, they enjoy playing violin, watching history documentaries, and commissioning their art. 

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grace v.

Grace V        Legal Studies     Undergraduate Student

Grace is an undergraduate student from Rochester, New York. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in legal studies and a minor in entrepreneurship. Grace hopes to attend law school after graduation, and is very passionate about political and social issues. She also works as a student ambassador for the Office of Academic Integrity here at UB. Grace thoroughly enjoys writing and literature, and spends most of her free time creating or reading a variety of types of writing. 

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Hanna W.

Hanna W    English     Master's Student

Hanna studies English Education with the hope of becoming a high school English teacher in the Buffalo area. She's lived in Buffalo her whole life, with the exception of her four-year stay at Baldwin Wallace University in Cleveland for her undergrad studies, where she studied English and French. Hanna loves reading, writing, listening to music, and watching crime dramas. She has a love for helping people and fostering connections with students and peers.

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seol h.

Hyoseol H     English     Doctoral Student

Seol is a PhD candidate in the English Department and Teaching Assistant in the Engineering Education Department. Her research focuses on the intersections of race, gender, and disability in 19th- and 20th-century American literature and culture. In her free time, Seol re-watches her favorite movies, takes night walks, and indulges in cute pictures of animals, food, and space.

The CEW celebrates translingualism. Seol is happy to support your writing in both English and Korean!

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Jake S.

Jake S        English     Doctoral Student

Jake's research interests include nationalism and national identities in twentieth-century British and Irish fiction, literature and social sciences, transnational literature relating to migration, and film studies. He enjoys photography, visiting museums, biking, and cooking.

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Julian U     English     Undergraduate

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lauren f.

Lauren F        Social Work     Master's Student

Lauren is a student in the Masters of Social Work program here at UB.   She appreciates making connections and assisting fellow UB students, and has focused her time here heavily on these ideals. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new places in Buffalo, the gym, and facetiming her dog.

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Leah C.

Leah C     English Education (UB Teach)     Undergraduate Student

Leah is in the UBTeach program studying English Education in the hopes to be a high school English teacher in the future. She is from WNY and plans on staying in the area to teach. She loves helping others, making connections, and learning. Her passions outside of school include listening to music, reading Stephen King, working at Wegmans, and hanging out with her cat.

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lilli b.

Lillian B        Law Student

Having completed her undergraduate degrees in English and Criminology, Lilli is now enrolled in Law School here at UB.  She is passionate about social justice and hopes to be a part of positive social change as she moves forward in her education and career. In between classes and studying Lilli enjoys running, rewatching the Twilight Saga, and anything to do with true crime.

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maya p.

Maya P        English Education (UB Teach)     Master's Student

Maya is a part of the UB Teach program, studying English Education with the intent of becoming a high school English teacher. She has a background in working with non-native English speakers and is interested in learning about diverse perspectives while making important interpersonal connections. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, traveling, and writing poetry.

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Ryan B.

Ryan B        English     Doctoral Student

Ryan’s research focuses on connections between interdisciplinary avant-gardes, 20th century music, and emerging technologies. Outside of academia, he particularly enjoys making music, traveling, haunting the halls of art museums, and petting dogs.

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samantha s.

Samantha S     English Education (UB Teach)     Master's Student

Samantha is a Buffalo native, and this is her fourth year in the UB TEACH program for English Education. After realizing her passion for lifelong learning and making meaningful connections with others, she hopes to transform her future middle school ELA classroom into a community of learners. Samantha enjoys working with students from all backgrounds and loves to participate in meaningful dialogue about writing at any stage in the writing process. In her spare time, Samantha very much loves to spend time with her dog, read, travel, and listen to podcasts.

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Spencer W     English     Doctoral Student

Spencer Williams is currently a PhD student in Poetics at UB. Her research interests include contemporary trans poetics, documentary poetics, queer theory, and film theory. She received her MFA in creative writing from Rutgers University-Newark. 

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Stephine H.

Stephine H       American Studies     Doctoral Student

Stephine earned her BA in English with a minor in History at Alfred University and her MA in English from SUNY Fredonia. She is currently a PhD Candidate (ABD) in American Studies at University at Buffalo. Her fields of study include Critical Indigenous Studies, Native American History, and the Environmental Humanities. Her dissertation examines Haudenosaunee literary and artistic representations of waterways in WNY as decolonial interventions in historical and contemporary settler grammars of place. Beyond studying, writing, and teaching at UB, Stephine enjoys gardening, running, and exploring local parks and woodland areas with her fiancé and rescue dog. She is also an avid speculative fiction, climate and science fiction, and fantasy reader.

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toniqua l.

Toniqua L     Counseling Psychology     Doctoral Student

Toniqua is a Buffalo native and a current graduate student in Counseling Psychology. Her research interests focus on mental health disparities and Multicultural Competence in counseling. She loves working with students and has done so as a tutor, academic coach, and peer mentor. In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking, and spending time with friends.

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yan h.

Yan H     English Education (UB Teach)     Master's Student

Yan is currently in the UB Teach program for English Education in hopes of becoming an educator for grades 5-12. They are also involved in the English Club, where they aim to connect with other students through sharing their own creative writings and poetry. Yan also is highly interested in translation. They enjoy translating overseas media and subtitling cartoons and typesetting comics.

The CEW celebrates translingualism. Yan is fluent in Cantonese and happy to work with Cantonese-speaking students.

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yueqiu z.

Yueqiu (QQ) Z     Learning and Instruction (LAI)     Doctoral Student

Yueqiu, who also goes by QQ, was born and raised in China. She is getting her doctoral degree in Education, with a research interest in the second language writer’s engagement with on-script feedback. She’s also working on research projects to enhance inclusion in higher-ed for international students. QQ has organized or been involved in programs and activities to advocate for international students and to enhance the quality of their experience at UB.  She craves road trips, and there are three must-go sites on her travel checklist: a museum, National State Parks, and an outdoor market. 

About Our Consulting Community

All of our consultants are students!  We employ undergraduate, MA level, and PhD level consultants. While our consultants come from a variety of disciplines and are at different stages of their academic journeys, they share one thing in common: they are passionate about their own development as writers, and they find working with hardworking, engaged fellow writers to be very rewarding work. 

Undergraduate consultants take a semester-long preparation course for working at the Center in which they look at theories of learning and writing development, as well as practical strategies for helping writers.  

Many of our graduate consultants have experience and coursework related to teaching or help us to extend our disciplinary knowledge about writing.  

Our goal is that our CEW community be as diverse as our student community. That means we love to hire students from different racial, ethnic, linguistic, national, socioeconomic, and gender backgrounds.  Consultants who have experience overcoming adversity, coping with learning differences, studying outside of their native languages, add to our overall understanding of how to best support all UB writers. 

CEW consultants regularly share perspectives and learn new concepts and skills through our active professional development program.  Your feedback is also vitally important for our continuous improvement.