Video Security Camera Service

security camera looking off to the left.

The Video Security Camera Service enables University Police and individual departments to monitor and record video images of UB's indoor and outdoor premises.

Request a New Camera Installation

  1. Review the information below including Roles/Responsibilities and Summary of Costs.
  2. Review the Security Cameras at UB. web page and the Safety and Security Camera Accessible Use Policy.
  3. Please email University Police for an initial consultation.

Video Retention

  • Under the standard configuration all recorded video is kept for 30 days.

Roles and Responsibilities

The support of the video security infrastructure is a joint responsibility for University Police , UBIT (EIS & NCS) and the tenant department hosted on the Central Milestone video management system (VMS). Installations are managed by UPD and usually involve a System Integrator to install and configure cameras.

Tenant Responsibilities

  • Consulting with University Police (UPD) to determine the appropriate placement of their cameras.
  • Paying for the cost of the camera equipment purchase, installation, integration and, subsequent maintenance for the equipment.
  • Regular inspection (testing) of camera functionality to ensure proper operation.
  • Reporting failures to University Police.
  • Monitoring the video images and contacting University Police to take appropriate actions based on what is observed.
  • Adhering to the Safety and Security Camera Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Providing and maintaining a list of static or reserved DHCP IP addresses and UBITNames of staff that will be provided with access to view the cameras.

UPD Responsibilities

  • Working directly with departments to determine the appropriate placement of security cameras.
  • Working with UB Facilities to ensure that camera installation adheres to approved standards.
  • Requesting installation of network cabling and connections, and coordinating with the installation vendors.
  • Regular inspection (testing) of camera functionality to ensure proper operation.
  • Taking direct action to repair cameras and/or reporting failures to the appropriate parties.
  • Monitoring the video images and taking appropriate actions based on what is observed.
  • Ensuring that the UB Security Camera Policy is being followed and enforced.
  • MAC Address ClearPass registration and IP assignment and management for each camera and related device on the Security Camera vLan.
  • Billing departments on an annual basis for license fees.
  • Managing the vendor support contract for the Central Milestone system and the UB Campus Blue Light Phone infrastructure and all related components..

UBIT/EIS Responsibilities

  • System administration of the central servers which include routine patching and backup of the servers.
  • Periodic upgrades of server software and hardware.

UBIT/NCS Responsibilities

  • Consult for network connection needs for new installations.
  • Provide estimates for network needs for new installation requests.
  • Support and maintain the current network connections for the existing cameras.

System Integrator Responsibilities (when applicable)

  • Installing and configuring the cameras.
  • Testing the operation of the cameras post install.
  • Providing an inventory of the cameras installed and the configuration of each camera.
  • Provide confirmation of the existing infrastructure's preparedness for proposed cameras.

Summary of Costs

  • Vendor charges for camera installation and integration. Charges will vary with each installation. Those costs are not included in the costs listed below.
  • Adding and maintaining a camera on the system has an annual fee. As of March 24, 2023 that fee is $40.00/device.
  • Network port installation and activation costs for the camera(s) (one-time cost).

Important: The above costs are provided as a ballpark estimate based on a standard configuration of single-feed cameras. Cost for each installation will have to be estimated per the requirement of the installation.

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