Service Description:

Network Attached Peripherals Private VLANs

Network Attached Peripherals (NAP) Private VLANs provide a layer of additional protection for network attached peripherals including printers, electronic billboards, monitoring devices, door controllers and cameras against “network attacks” from non-UB networks and from behind ResNet, OpenPort and Wireless firewalls on UB’s network.

Access to NAP VLAN's is allowed from the UB Secure Wi-Fi network but not from other Wi-Fi SSID's.

Who can access

IT Staff

Special requirements

Cost for services

NAP devices require a dedicated switch port at the wall jack.

Hours of availability

24 hours daily

Hours of support

8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m EST
Monday - Friday

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Request Installation of Network Connection

Information About

Network Attached Peripherals Private VLANs webpage

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