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Classroom Presentation Technology

Faculty have access to high quality instructional technology equipment for teaching in classrooms including digital projectors, microphones, audio and video recording, video conferencing and more.

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Classroom Presentation Technology: The technology linked to a physical space that is used to support instruction. This includes the data network and voice technologies in these locations.

Classroom Request: Support provided to the users of a Classroom Technology-related training (how to use touchscreen, how to use lapel mic), integration of devices (connecting a laptop), and initial troubleshooting to determine if Classroom Repair is needed.

Classroom Incident/Repair: Returning a Classroom Technology component of the space to normal operation by replacement (swapping projector bulb) or maintenance (reattaching broken cable).

Classroom Capability: A technology feature of a classroom (e.g., audio recording, computer, document camera).

Classroom Design/Installation: To change the Classroom Capabilities within a classroom (e.g., addition of a 2nd permanent projector, add a document camera).
Classroom Types:
Standard packages of Classroom Capabilities within Centrally Scheduled classrooms. 

Additional definitions are available in the Service Level Statement - Glossary.

Scope of Services

CIT provides Classroom Request, Classroom Repair, and Classroom Design/Installation support (at levels defined later in the document) in all spaces owned/managed by UB.  While we are not directly responsible for "general" space issues (e.g., furniture, chalk, projection screens), we will also facilitate the logging of Facilities workorders where necessary to support the overall utility of the space.  Defined within this document are the two most common service levels: Centrally Scheduled Classroom Support and Default Classroom Support.  In addition, several departments/schools may have individual Service Level Agreements that define support for their classroom spaces.  Like the name suggestions, Default Classroom Support is assumed unless superseded by another service level.

Centrally Scheduled Classroom Support

These spaces are defined as being owned and managed by the Central Scheduling Office, and funded by an annual budget allocation.  In these spaces, the RACI matrix for core functions is as follows:

RACI Matrix
Task CIT Management CIT Staff Vendors/Node Partners Customer Users
Classroom Design/Installation Accountable Responsible Responsible Consulted Consulted
Classroom Budgeting and Funding Responsible/Consulted Consulted   Accountable Informed
Classroom Repair Fulfillment Accountable Responsible Responsible Consulted Consulted
Classroom Request Fulfillment Accountable Responsible Responsible Consulted Consulted

For Centrally Scheduled classrooms, CIT staff are often responsible for the majority of the support work.  In some cases, for example some installation projects to utilize vendors, and for support activities on the Downtown campus, we partner with node support for request fulfillment.  The key is that for Classroom Design/Install, Classroom Repairs and Classroom Requests, CIT management is accountable for the compliance with standards and service targets, regardless of who does the work.

The Classroom Capabilities in Centrally Scheduled Classrooms are structured into standard Classroom Types.  An inventory of what Centrally Scheduled Classrooms have what Capabilities is maintained on the Look Up Technology in Your Classroom page.



Applicable fees associated with Classroom Presentation Technology Services are described on the Cost of Services page.

Default Classroom Support

As mentioned above, Default support applies to all spaces that do not have an more explicit service level defined.  Typically, these are department/school owned spaces that CIT had limited/no involvement in the initial configuration, but where the department/school wants to utilize our Classroom Repair or Classroom Design/Installation capabilities.  In these cases, CIT's support responsibilities are much narrower:

Classroom Support
Task CIT Management CIT Staff Vendors/Node Partners School/Department Customer School/Department Users
Classroom Design/Installation Accountable Responsible Responsible Consulted n/a
Classroom Budgeting and Funding Consulted n/a Accountable n/a n/a
Classroom Repair Fulfillment Accountable Responsible n/a Consulted n/a
Classroom Request Fulfillment n/a Consulted Responsible Accountable n/a

Service Response Targets for Default Classroom Support

Hours of Availability:

  • All Locations: Based on space owner

Hours of Support:

  • North, South Campus: 8:30am-5pm ET M-F
  • Downtown Campus: 8:30am-5pm ET M-F

Classroom Request:

Classroom Incident:


Requesting Services/Support

Requests for services or support should be logged with the UBIT Help Center or by filling out the online forms. More information can be found at Reporting Classroom Problems.

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