Lesson Plans

A Lesson Plan is content that combines information about the lesson with the curriculum resources used to teach it.

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About Lesson Plans

Default lesson plan sections include the instructional level, grade level, objectives and subject area of the lesson. Additional sections can be added to the Lesson Plan.

Creating A Lesson Plan

  1. Open a Content Area.
  2. Click Build Content > Lesson Plan.
  3. Complete the options for Create Lesson Plan.

Lesson Plans have two areas for entering information:

  • Content Information.
  • Curriculum Resources.

Entering Content Information

The Content Information area is used to add data about the Lesson Plan. This information will appear at the top of the Lesson Plan when it is displayed in the Student view (Edit Mode set to Off).

  1. Complete the options on the page.
  2. Click Save and Exit to save Content Information and return to the Content Area.
    Click Save and Continue to save Content Information and move to the Curriculum Resources area.

Entering Curriculum Resources

The Curriculum Resources area enables instructors to provide links to lesson-related content.

Add Curriculum Resources to the Lesson Plan, including files, links, and assessments by selecting Curriculum Resources and using Build Content, Evaluate, Collaborate, and Assign Textbook.

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