Building a Course Orientation Module in Brightspace

To ensure your students can successfully find and access course materials and resources, it is necessary to provide supporting materials to show and explain these processes. Integrating a variety of features and tools to build a course orientation module within Brightspace provides context for your students of what they will learn and experience, as well as resources to promote their success. 

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Questions to Consider

To help your students easily navigate your course, consider the following questions when designing and building your course

  • What is the most important information about your course every student should know and feel comfortable with?
  • How will students locate assignments, materials and resources?
  • Where will students submit their work? 
  • What will students do when they have course specific questions?
  • How will students be able to effectively plan their time?

Components of a Course Orientation Module

To welcome your students to your course, create a welcome message. In Brightspace, you can do this in multiple ways: Announcements, Create a File and Insert Stuff, Email, Video Note, Welcome Widget and more. The purpose of the welcome message is to greet your students at the "online door" and generate excitement for the course. 

Additional Resources