Organizing Your Course in Brightspace

The Content tool provides a general course snapshot and a way to keep track of important elements from your course content.

You can access the content tool once you have clicked on the content area on the navbar or one of the content area widgets on the course homepage.  The Content tool contains an overview, bookmarks, a course schedule, and a table of contents. These four course Content tools are located on your course content page.

On this page:

Overview Page

The overview is the first page students will see when they first open the Content tool to a course. Utilize this page to introduce students to the course by providing a brief description in the HTML editor. The overview is a great place to add your course syllabus. However, the course overview is not visible for students on the Pulse app, so it is recommended you create a course orientation module in your course to ensure all students have access to the syllabus. 

Please note: If you decide to leave the Overview page empty, students will not see it. 


Consider encouraging students to use Bookmarks to return to important or favorite content easily and quickly. All Bookmarked items populate in the Bookmarks section on the content page. The number beside the Bookmarks link indicates how many Bookmarks you have for that course.

Please note: All Bookmarks are personalized and will not appear for others to view. 

Course Schedule

Use the couse schedule to help yourself and your students improve planning and organization. All items with a date of availability or due date such as assignments, quizzes and topics will populate in the course schedule. Adding dates to your course content and syllabus are important to help students with executive functioning skills such as planning and organization (OSCQR standard 2).

In addition to assignments, quizzes and topics, any events added to the calendar and activities you post as part of your class assignments can be accessed from the course schedule.  

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents panel lists all the modules within your course and provides easy navigation to modules, submodules, and topics. It is located on the left side of the content page. Use the Table of Contents to quickly view, rearrange, or add new modules and submodules. Clicking on a listed module allows you to manage its contents with ease to the right of the Table of Contents panel. 

The number appearing to the right of the Table of Contents indicates the number of topics within the course. The number listed next to a module or submodule indicates the number of topics within it. Utilize the numbers to the right of the Table of Contents, each module, and sub-module to evaluate student course load. 

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