Audio and Video Content in UB Learns

Use YouTube to deliver video and audio content inside your UB Learns course.

For the optimal user viewing experience, we recommend utilizing Panopto, UB's centrally-supported streaming service, to add audio and video to your UB Learns courses.

> Learn more about using Panopto in UB Learns


Upload to YouTube and Add as a Mashup or URL

  • Create a YouTube account, upload your content and set your privacy preferences.
  • YouTube videos can be added to UB Learns as a Mashup or URL.
  • If you wish to add content to UB Learns as a Mashup, select privacy setting Public in YouTube so that you can search for it using the Mashup tool. After it has been selected, you can change the privacy setting to Unlisted.
  • Unlisted videos will not become part of any search, and the only way to find an unlisted video is if you are given the URL.

> Learn more about Mashups

Need additional help?

Use our contact form to submit a help ticket (you may be asked for your UBITName and password). After the form is submitted, a member of the UB Learns support team will follow up with you within one business day.