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About the Course Menu

The Course Menu appears on the left side of a course and contains links (content areas) to materials and tools within the course. The default course menu is initially the same for all courses, but it is easy to customize. Some default Content Areas are Assignments and Course Documents.

Menu Area icons and descriptions
Menu Area Icons Description
(Add) Add items to Menu Area; available only when Edit Mode is ON.
(Display Course Menu in a Window) Display Menu Area in a separate window.
(Refresh) Refresh contents of the Menu Area.
(Keyboard Accessible Reordering) Reorder Menu Area items by using the keyboard; available only when Edit Mode is ON.

Editing the Course Menu Area

Click the Add icon to add a new content area to the Course Menu. To reorder the Course Menu, click the Keyboard Accessible Reordering icon.

UBlearns Course Menu.

Course Menu

Other Ways to Edit the Menu Area

  • Reorder the Course Menu Area items by clicking the double-headed arrow icon (A - in image above) located in front of each item (To see this arrow you need to place your cursor over an item name) and dragging and dropping the item to the desired location or by clicking the Keyboard Accessible Reordering icon.
  • Click the contextual menu (B - in image above) beside any Menu Area item to edit its settings.

Setting Up Menu Display Options

Go to Control Panel > Customization > Teaching Style.

From this area you can select the:

  • Course Structure.
  • Course Entry Point.
  • Course Theme.
  • Course Menu Style.
  • Default Content View - Icons, Text or Both Icons and Text.
  • Banner.

Tools Panel

This panel appears as part of the Course Menu. It contains links for students to access different tool (blogs, journals, etc.). This is also where the students can see their grades using the My Grades tool.

Need additional help?

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