Course Files

The Course Files area is a repository of all course documents.

About Course Files

Course Files can be linked to from anywhere within the course that file attachments are available. If a document is modified or moved within Course Files, links created prior to the modification/move will not be broken. Students can’t access or view the Course Files area.

Instructors add documents to Course Files in one of two ways:

  • Upload single or multiple documents directly to Course Files
    Documents uploaded to content areas are automatically added in Course Files.

Uploading Documents to Course Files

  1. Go to Control Panel > Files > Course Name.
  2. Upload > Upload Files for single or multiple files or Upload > Upload Package for uploading .zip files.
  3. Browse for or drag and drop file(s) into the Course Files area.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Link to documents in Course Files by selecting the Browse Course button when building content.
WebDAV: Setup Web Folder

The WebDAV functionality is not operational at this time due to UB's custom implementation.

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