Using the Teaching Station Projector, Lights, and Microphone in the Technology Classroom

Operating System: All

Applies To: UB instructors

Last Updated: February 14, 2022

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Using the Projector

The Projector controls are on the bottom of the Crestron touch panel.

  1. Press Projector On. A countdown and a Projector Warming Up message will appear.  
  2. Press Video Mute to prevent the image on your device from being displayed on the large classroom screen. A button will flash to remind you. 
  3. Bring the large classroom screen(s) down by pressing the controls on the touch panel for Up, Down, or Stop. In smaller classrooms, pull the classroom screen down manually or, in some rooms, use the switch on the wall. 
  4. Press Projector Off when you are finished. A countdown and Projector Cooling Down message will appear.

Classroom Lighting

Smaller Classrooms

Classroom lighting is controlled by either the Crestron touch panel or a wall switch located near the Teaching Station.  

1. Dim lights using the Crestron touch panel or wall switch.

2. Turn all lighting on when finished.

Larger Classrooms

Larger classrooms have controls on the right-hand side of the Crestron touch panel and may work automatically with the projector settings.

1. Press Projection High or Projection Low for lighting when using the projector.

2. Press All On or All Off to control the classroom lights.

Work Light

A Work Light provides light on the teaching station for instructors working in low light.

1. The Work Light control is located either on the bottom left-hand side or the middle of the Crestron touch panel.  

2. Press Work Light On and Work Light Off.   

Please note: In some locations there is a stand-alone work light with its own switch.

In some locations, the work light controls the document camera light.

Audio Controls

Save Your Ears

Devices may also have their own volume control. Turn volume all the way down and bring it up gradually to the desired level. Some players, YouTube for instance, may also have their own volume control. 

1. Press Up Arrow or Down Arrow to raise or lower the volume.  

2. Press Mute to silence the sound.


Check your classroom for available microphones. Some rooms have button microphones on the teaching station. In some classrooms, wireless microphones may be stored in a drawer. 

  • Press Unlock Mic Drawer to open the drawer and press Microphone Control to adjust sound level.
  • If there is more than one microphone in the classroom, Mic 1 is the lapel mic.
  • Program volume does not affect microphone volume. In some rooms, there is a separate microphone volume setting next to program volume.

See diagram for battery replacement. Unlike in most things, the batteries face the same direction (positive at the same side).

Common Questions

Why is there no image projected?

Make sure the device, for instance if you are using the Internal PC, is powered on.

Make sure the projector is turned on with light coming out of it.  Press the Projector On input if it is off. If the projector is on, press a different input, wait a few seconds and press the desired input.

Why can I see light in the projector lens but there is no projected image?

Check to see if Video Mute button is pressed or flashing. This setting will prevent the image on your device from being displayed on the large classroom screen.

Why isn't the microphone working?

Make sure the microphone is powered on. If necessary, locate spare batteries in the teaching station.

Why is there an image on the projection screen, but not on the teaching station monitor?

Make sure the monitor is turned on. Look for the power button on the lower right-hand corner of the monitor.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.