Charge + Lock Station

The Charge + Lock station is a convenient, free way to charge your devices.

Charge+Lock station at LevelUp.

Charge + Lock Station Locations

Charge + Lock Stations are located in LevelUp Esports arena (Lockwood 2nd floor North) and Silverman Library 3rd floor (Capen Hall).

About the Charge + Lock Station

Turn off your device or silence it, set a passcode, then connect your device in an unlocked locker using a provided cable. Close the locker securely. The locker will turn red. Your device charges securely for up to half an hour and is released only when the correct passcode is entered.

Please note:

  • You cannot charge laptops in the Charge + Lock Station.
  • UBIT Public Sites is not responsible for any loss or theft from the Charge + Lock Station.


  • Power off your device. Devices charge faster when they are powered off, and devices ringing in the Charge + Lock station can be disruptive. If you cannot power it off, please silence your device.
  • Avoid simple passcodes such as 0000, 1234, 9876 or 9999.
  • Do not write down the passcode and leave it in the storage drawer/tray or where it can be seen.
  • Do not share passcodes with friends. The more people who know a passcode, the less secure the item charging is.


Address questions to the consultant on duty. You may also submit questions and concerns directly to

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