Having trouble with your UBmail? You may need to update your software

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Published January 5, 2021

A new TLS setting is causing connection problems with Exchange-based UBmail for Faculty and Staff. Find out whether you are affected, and how to fix the problem.


The new update may affect your access to UBmail if you are a UB faculty or staff member using the following:

  • Any version of Microsoft Windows older than Windows 10
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 or earlier
  • Any older email application that uses IMAP to connect to UBmail

What should I do?

If you are experiencing problems with your email, make sure both your operating system and email software are updated to the latest version. You can  download a Windows 10 upgrade  and the latest version of Outlook (as part of the Microsoft Office suite) for free from the UBIT website.  

You can also access your email via a web browser by visiting ubmail.buffalo.edu.

What is TLS? Why is it causing problems?

TLS stands for Transfer Layer Security, which is commonly used in email and other web-based communications to keep information secure. The latest version, TLS 1.2, was activated at UB in December 2020 to provide the best possible security for UB’s email communication.

Because older operating systems and software were not designed to work with the latest version of TLS, UB faculty and staff using older versions of Windows (prior to Windows 10), or older email applications (Outlook 2010 or earlier, as well as any older apps that use IMAP) reported problems accessing their email once the new version of TLS was applied.

Everyone at UB is strongly encouraged to keep their software up to date, to ensure the best functionality and help address security concerns associated with running older software.

Get help with your UBmail

Still having problems with your UBmail? We can help! Contact the UBIT Help Center Online, or call 716-645-3542.