UBITName password resets required for some accounts

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Published October 13, 2021

Did you see a message when logging into a UB service asking you to change your UBITName password? Click the Change my password now link to avoid losing access to your account.


UBITName accounts are being selected for password resets on a rolling basis, beginning Fall 2021. These password resets are a preemptive measure against increased security threats associated with older accounts that are no longer in use or have less secure passwords.

If you see a message when logging in asking you to reset your password, click Change my password now, and you’ll be taken to the UBITName Manager where you can change your password securely. 

What happens if I don’t change my password?

After 30 days, you will be directed to the UBITName Manager to change your password when you log in. You won’t be able to access UBIT services until you reset your password. 

If you experience problems logging into your account, please contact the UBIT Help Center at 716-645-3542.

Why do I need to reset my password? Is something wrong?

A request to change your UBITName password does not mean there is a security issue with your account. UBIT simply requests that certain accounts—especially older accounts—reset their passwords occasionally to prevent these accounts from becoming compromised in the future.

Never respond to emails asking about your UBITName password

When UB requests a password change, it will only be on official UB login pages. UB never asks for sensitive information about your password, including requests to change it, over email; any email you receive asking you to change your UBITName password is likely a scam. 

The only safe way to change your password is by logging into the UBITName Manager at ubidm.buffalo.edu. If you ever doubt the legitimacy of a request to change your password at UB, contact the UBIT Help Center at 716-645-3542 to verify the request.

I need help with my UBITName account

For problems with your UBITName account, contact the UBIT Help Center—visit buffalo.edu/ubit/help, or call 716-645-3542.