Dialing an outside line? Include the area code beginning October 24, 2021

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Published October 15, 2021

Area codes will be required for all outside calls—including to local “716” numbers—from UB Phones and other devices, due to a change made by Verizon. Calls to internal UB numbers will not be affected. Be sure to update any speed dial or call forwarding settings, especially those to 716-area numbers.


Verizon is making this change to accommodate a new 988 crisis and mental health line mandated by the FCC. By accommodating this change at UB in a timely way, we eliminate any delay or problems people might have dialing the 988 crisis line from campus.

What do I need to do?

Be sure to update any existing speed dial or call forwarding settings on your UB phone to include the area code if they don’t already. You will most likely need to make this change to any pre-programmed numbers in the 716 area code, which did not previously require the area code.

Then, by October 24, 2021, remember to dial 716 (and any other applicable area codes) when dialing outside numbers from a UB Phone or other device (see below for information about affected devices). 

Internal calls at UB are not affected, and do not require adding the 716 area code.

Which devices does this affect?

This change affects UB Phones, VoIP Analog, and legacy Verizon devices.

Verizon Centrex devices such as alarms, faxes etc. at UB must use intercom dialing within the university beginning October 24, 2021. For example, devices programmed to dial “9,6452000” must be reprogrammed to dial “2000."

What if I need help with my UB phone, Jabber or another communication service?

You can request help from the UBIT Help Center. Visit buffalo.edu/ubit/help to submit a ticket, or call 716-645-3542.