Faculty: watch classroom refreshers, online sessions for Zoom, Panopto and Webex

A hand touches a touchscreen tablet.

Published April 15, 2021

Watch these virtual sessions to refresh your knowledge of UB classroom technology and get answers to questions about essential teaching tools like Panopto, Zoom and UB Learns, in and out of the classroom.


"What's new in UB Classrooms?"

Wonder what has changed in UB classrooms? Need a refresher on UB teaching technology? Join us as we:

  • Demonstrate the latest technology in UB classrooms
  • Show how to make an on-demand recording of your lecture using Panopto
  • Clarify what you can expect to find in different classrooms
  • Answer your questions about UB teaching technology

"Tracking Attendance and Views using Zoom and Panopto"

Who actually attended your online class in real time? How many times have students viewed your recorded lectures? Which students in your class have downloaded the video? Learn about these practical aids in this workshop, which will cover:

  • Using Zoom reports for synchronous attendance
  • Using Panopto to track student engagement in your recorded lectures
  • Linking Zoom recordings to Panopto course folders

"I'm the UBIT admin for Zoom, Panopto and Webex. Ask me anything!"

Get answers to your questions about Zoom, Panopto and Webex from a UBIT expert. This session is an open format, dedicated entirely to answering your questions and providing resources on these essential technologies for teaching at UB.  

Need more help?

If you are unable to attend these sessions and have questions about conferencing/collaboration tools at UB, contact your  departmental IT support  or the  UBIT Help Center.

These sessions are part of a larger, ongoing effort to better support faculty by providing options for flexible teaching. For more resources, visit buffalo.edu/teachanywhere.