Moving many or large files to UBbox

Published October 4, 2018

Ready to make the move to UBbox, but dealing with many, or large, files? We can help.

UBbox has unlimited secure storage, built-in collaboration and automatically backs up your files. But if your department already has a shared space with lots of files, making the switch can be a daunting prospect.

Your IT support staff can help you with the technical aspects of the file transfer, as well as any other UBbox questions you might have.

Or, if you are tech-savvy, you can do it yourself using an FTP client.

What is an FTP client? And why do I need one?

An FTP (file transfer protocol) client is a program that connects your computer to UBbox specifically for the purpose of file transfers. In most cases, uploading files to UBbox using a Web browser or Box Drive is fine. But an FTP client can transfer a large number of files to UBbox quickly.

Upload a large number of files to UBbox using FTP

Step one: create a password in UBbox specifically for file transfers

Before you can transfer files to UBbox using FTP, you’ll need to create a unique password in UBbox for this process. This password is only for external applications that connect to UBbox—you’ll still log into UBbox using the same UBITName and password that you usually use.

To create this unique password, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Log into to UBbox using your UBITName and password
  2. Click your initials or icon in the upper right and select Account Settings
  3. On the Account tab, scroll down to Authentication
  4. Click Change Password (this will not change your UBITName password)
  5. Under current password enter your current UBITName password
  6. Enter and confirm the new password, which is used only for when you FTP files to UBbox, then click Save

Step two: download and install an FTP client

There are many different FTP programs for both Windows and Mac, and they all work similarly. UBIT recommends using WinSCP for Windows, and Cyberduck for Mac. You may need to request help from your IT support staff to install these programs if you’re working on a UB-owned device, because they may require administrative access.

Step three: set your FTP program up for a file transfer to UBbox

For the best results, you’ll want to make one change in the preferences for your FTP program—somewhere there should be a setting for ‘Maximum simultaneous transfers.’ For optimal speeds, this should be set to 8.

Now, enter the necessary information for your FTP program to connect to UBbox:

  • For ‘Host,’ enter
  • Your ‘Username’ is your UBmail address (don’t forget the!)
  • Your ‘Password’ is the unique password you just created in UBbox (not your UBITName password)
  • For ‘Port,’ enter 990 for a secure, encrypted connection
  • Last, hit the ‘Connect’ button

After a few moments, you should be connected to your UBbox account.

Step four: click and drag

Once you’re connected, most FTP clients show the location you’re connected to—in this case, UBbox—on the right, and your other file systems on the left.

From here, you can find any files you want to upload to UBbox on the left, then click and drag them over to the right side to upload them. You should see a list of upcoming transfers and an indicator of your progress.

Let us help

For help with UBbox and other UBIT services, contact the UBIT Help Center online at, or call 716-645-3542.