Offline access now available with Box Drive

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Published January 16, 2019


Box Drive makes your UBbox files and folders easily accessible as shortcuts on your Windows or Mac device. Now, with the newest Box Drive feature, Mark For Offline, you can access selected files without an Internet connection.

How do I get it?

The Mark For Offline feature was enabled for UBbox with an update to Box Drive on December 5, 2018. After that date, Mark For Offline will be available as soon as you update your Box Drive software.

How does it work?

Once you have updated to the latest version of Box Drive, you can mark any folder to be available offline by right-clicking and selecting "Make Available Offline." The contents of your folder will begin downloading immediately.

The icon next to the folder, and next to all the files in the folder, will turn from a cloud icon into a green checkmark, indicating the files have been downloaded and will be available even if you are not currently connected to the Internet.

An infographic showing three stages of files in Box Drive: available while connected/online, always available, and uploading or downloading.

I'm storing restricted data. Can I use Box Drive?

If you're using UBbox to store restricted data like social security numbers, protected health information or financial information, you should not use desktop sync software like Box Drive, because it could leave a copy of your restricted data on your computer. This is true even if you don't mark your files for offline access.

Also, you should avoid using online tools like Google docs or sheets, or Microsoft Online Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Using these services stores a copy of your data on third-party infrastructure, making it insecure.

Find out more about the rights and responsibilities of storing restricted data in UBbox on the UBIT website.

Get help with UBbox

For help with UBbox, questions about Box Drive or other Box apps, contact the UBIT Help Center, by phone at 716-645-3542 or online at