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UBITName Manager Upgrade Means Safer UBITNames

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Published January 16, 2014

On February 9, the UBITName Manager, a self-service webpage used by UB students, faculty and staff to activate UBITNames and manage passwords, received some significant improvements. These improvements help keep your information—and UB’s network—even safer.

Password Aging

Until now, when you changed your UBITName password, the system checked to make sure your new password was not used as one of your previous two passwords. The new system uses “password aging” to make sure your password hasn’t been used at all within the past year.

Defeat the Bots with CAPTCHA

Another feature bolstering your UBITName’s security is the new system’s CAPTCHA challenge, which helps prevent automated password guessing by bots and scripts. We know that solving CAPTCHA challenges is nobody’s idea of fun, but they are a proven, effective way to keep out the bad guys.

Password Strength Meter

Finally, the new UBITName Manager features an improved password strength meter. As with the old tool, the meter changes color as a new password is typed, providing instant feedback on its "strength."