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New Mobile-friendly UBITName Login Page

New UBITName login page.

Published March 17, 2014

Seeing a new login screen can be cause for alarm. Don't be surprised when you see a UBITName login screen with a slightly different look. On Tuesday, March 18, 2014, UB Information Technology introduced a new, mobile-friendly login page.

What's "Mobile-friendly?"


The old UBITName login page was designed years ago, well before the proliferation of smartphones and tablets.  It was designed for Web browsers and keyboards. Today's mobile devices present smaller screens, rapid orientation changes and use of touch for navigating and selecting. The new UBITName login page can sense whether you're using a Web browser or smartphone app, and it will adjust sizes and fields appropriately. Cool, huh?

UBITName login page on iphone.

The new page (pictured above) has a header and footer that have been designed and developed in conjunction with the university's mobile Web initiative. Both the header and footer will scale responsively to adjust to the size of the screen. It will work well on a phone, tablet, desktop or laptop browser.

Why Change?

UBIT receives comments from students, faculty and staff who ask for better support for mobile devices, including increasing Wi-Fi coverage on campus, building cellular signal strength and more apps to access important functions like UBlearns, MyUB and UBmail. Each of those important functions requires that you use the UBITName Login page, so redesigning the login page became a priority. Since it's used to gain access to so many services on campus, we wanted to be sure to get the redesign right.

Improved Help, Too

We took the opportunity to redesign the help pages linked from the UBITName login page as well. The "help" link on the new login page links to greatly improved Web pages that will help you with any difficulties. The most common problem is a forgotten password, so the link at the bottom goes directly to the UBITName Manager, where you can reset your password. For those who don't know their UBITName, there's a link directly to the tool to look it up.