Resource planning and management

All topics in this report will correspond to at least one of the three major themes of Student Success, Diversity and Inclusion, and Resource Management. The following icons will accompany each topic as a reference.

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Student Success

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Diversity and Inclusion

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Resource Management

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Similar to many UB departments on campus, UBIT is currently in a strong financial position. The state-imposed expenditure cap during the COVID-19 pandemic limited our ability to move ahead with planned equipment upgrades, end of life replacements and other enhancements, delaying those projects and expenditures to future years. Our five-year technology plan will result in strategically spending down our carryforward on crucial IT services for the institution.

UBIT is actively exploring ways to complete more projects per year by supplementing our current staff resources with implementation vendors. Some quick wins in this area have already been realized with targeted outsourced classroom technology installations and network electricians. As funding is available, targeted staff additions have proven to help complete crucial initiatives.

The VPCIO division conducts a comprehensive multi-year (5-year rolling) budget planning process that engages all levels of the organization with input from IT Governance. On an annual basis, we identify strategic technology opportunities, review software and hardware contracts, target areas for professional development and training, renew scheduled infrastructure upgrades, refresh out-of-date hardware, evaluate staff turnover and position management, plan for the upcoming student workforce and determine priority areas for investment and improvements.

The VPCIO division collaborates closely with Internal Audit and Compliance to ensure UBIT and the university is operating in a strong fiscal environment.  We participated in a recent fixed asset audit, and Kara Kearney-Saylor remarked, “Your area was the best managed/well controlled out of everything my office reviewed for Fixed Assets. You have a great team.” 

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Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) in VPCIO workforce

Over the past year, the VPCIO area has focused attention on creating a centralized human resources/diversity division. A new Director of Human Resources/Diversity Officer was hired in May 2023.

The new HR Director and Diversity Officer is responsible for planning, coordinating, and managing all human resources functions for our unit. This position will set a high standard of vision and direction for human resources, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) efforts.

This initiative will begin by addressing current policies and practices affecting DEIB. We will analyze VPCIO current staff diversity to identify areas of concern. The office will implement initiatives such as changes in policies and practices, staff training, targeted recruiting and DEIB awareness events.

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UBIT electric vehicles

In June 2023, UBIT replaced two older vehicles with two new electric vans to its vehicle inventory, bringing the total of electric vehicles to four. These vehicles help UBIT align with UB’s sustainable practices for the environment, reduce cost, provide fuel efficiency, and noise reduction as well as enhance efficiency for UBIT staff members.

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Updated IT policies

The VPCIO recognizes the critical role in maintaining up-to-date IT policies and procedures for the institution. Updates include:

  • UBIT Voicemail Retention Policy
  • UBIT Rave Mobility Guidance
  • UBIT Procedure for Accessing Accounts of Deceased or Incapacitated Individuals
  • UBIT Cisco Jabber Policy

The Level Up memorandum of understanding between UBIT and Student Life was revised and finalized.

The following security policies have been through the revision process and are currently undergoing the review process:

  • UB Computer and Network Use Policy (University Policy)
  • IT Services in UB Owned Spaces (University Policy)
  • UBIT Standards for Approving Software Use at UB
  • UBIT Standard for Protecting Category 2-Private Data 
  • UBIT Minimum Server Security and Hardening Standards
  • UBIT Standard for Category 1 Data
  • UBIT Guidance Requesting Administrative Access for Your Customers
  • UB Minimum Security Standards for Desktops, Laptops, Mobile, and Other Endpoint Devices
  • UBIT Guidance for Retention of Security Log Data