Office of the CIO

The Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer (VPCIO) provides leadership for development and delivery of information technology (IT) services to the university.  The VPCIO oversees an enterprise IT services organization, Computing and Information Technology (CIT), and works in partnership with UB’s schools, colleges and administrative IT units to enable a unified and productive IT experience for students, faculty and staff.

The rapidly changing path of information technology is expanding the borders of how we learn, discover and communicate.  IT provides an advanced technological foundation that enables UB to improve the quality of education and research, prepare our students for twenty-first century careers, expand UB’s role in the community and the world, and act as good stewards of the environment.

The VPCIO is also directly responsible for:

  • Strategies to engage IT in support and alignment with the university’s mission
  • Employing high performance computing and visualization tools in the knowledge creation and synthesis process
  • Guidance to university governance to establish campus-wide priorities for utilizing IT within campus strategic planning
  • Leading technical innovation and the development of robust and dependable technological tools
  • Protecting the university’s electronic and information assets, and safe use of IT tools
  • Directing CIT, an academic and administrative support division
  • Transparent and collaborative engagement of the university community pertaining to IT planning