What should we print with our 3D printer? Submit your idea below. If we select your object to print, you get to keep it!

Contest Rules

UBIT is giving UB students a chance to explore the emerging technology of 3D printing. Submit an item from Thingiverse.com for us to print from our 3D printer in Lockwood from April 2 to May 4, 2018—if we select your object, you get to keep it.

  • Two submissions per UBITName
  • Open only to current UB students
  • UBIT cannot guarantee the structural integrity of final product
  • Item will be printed in a color to be selected by UBIT
  • UBIT reserves the right to choose submitted ideas to print at their discretion.


Sorry, this contest is closed.

Learn More about 3D Printing

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, is the process of printing an object using a schematic designed on a computer. Still a relatively new technology, 3D printing is becoming more prominent in manufacturing industries, in biotechnology and among hobbyists.

The University at Buffalo’s own Digital Manufacturing Laboratory gives UB students an opportunity to learn more about the emerging technology behind 3D printing. To learn more about UB’s Digital Manufacturing Laboratory, visit the UB Shared Facilities page.   

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