Girl Scouts of Western New York

Girl Scouts of Western New York employees at a meeting.

In 2013, the Girl Scouts were faced with the reality of having to make widespread changes across the movement. Membership had been on the decline nationally for a decade. Analysis shows that many underlying reasons relate to strains placed on volunteers who deliver troop programming. To better support the women and men who give of their free time, and ultimately enhance the girl experience, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) launched a Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) in 2014 to merge people, processes and technology. The transformational effort requires all councils across the country to examine and delineate how they recruit, provide customer service and solicit renewals for the kindergarten through fifth-grade demographic, as well as consider redesigning volunteer and staff roles for greater alignment. The third piece is adopting the customer relationship management platform, called Volunteer Systems, as a tool to foster a more standard way of doing business and tracking interactions. When it was time for Girl Scouts of Western New York (GSWNY) to undertake the CEI, Chief Operating Officer Alison Wilcox sought TCIE expertise to avoid the disruptions plaguing councils of the first implementation round. Rather than address the organizational chart first, GSWNY recognized the need to sharpen business processes through staff and volunteer input. That necessitated a review of the entire organization so as not to view membership through an isolated lens. The approach – which Wilcox and her colleagues admit has been intense – is gaining some fame among other councils and earned them the nickname “business process queens.” The effort is a work in progress, but GSWNY leaders are confident that its inclusivity guarantees broad buy-in of changes to come.