Keller Technology Corporation

An employee working at Keller Technology Corporation.

At Keller Technology Corporation (KTC) in Tonawanda, NY, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to maintaining and accumulating customers. Key to the game plan is exposing process inefficiencies and conceiving the solutions that destroy them. To invigorate and reinforce this continuous improvement mentality, KTC frequently requests TCIE’s guidance.

The result is a multi-faceted means for boosting precision fabrication, product development, design and building of custom industrial automation systems. The company knocked down barriers to new industries by becoming compliant with the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001 Standard – proving competence in on-time delivery of good products. KTC Quality Systems Manager Sara Eckert says ISO’s robust quality management system is enabling a record volume of work. The Lean methodology of cutting waste permeates the company, propelled by employees educated in how to deploy its various tools. And UB engineering students have expanded bandwidth to accomplish KTC goals quicker. In fact, the company hired one as a full-time controls engineer upon graduation.