Rest and Recharge: Calming your Eco-Anxiety

woman meditating on mountains.

Three-quarters of young people said they thought the future was frightening, over half  say they think humanity is doomed and four out of 10 are hesitant to have children because of climate change.

  • Nearly 60% of young people feel very worried or extremely worried about climate change
  • 45% of those questioned said feelings about the climate affected their daily lives

Solid mental health is foundational to the sustainability of the soul. The world we live in makes it difficult to not feel anxious or depressed. The eco-anxiety caused by climate change can be alleviated through meditation and restorative practices. 

Meditation and Mindfulness Opportunities

Health Promotion has infused sustainability themes at their weekly Meditations Groups on Fridays throughout April. 

4/8- Nature Meditations (SU Back Courtyard) 

4/15- Climate Change Stress Relief (SU 210)

4/22- Earth Day Appreciation (SU 210)

All from 3-4pm in the Student Union and on Zoom. 

Meditation Session.

Check back for more resources soon!