Waste Audit


 Assess how your unit does in reducing waste and diverting resources! Have our SSIT team sift through your waste to identify ways to improve your  habits surrounding material waste. 

Track your Trash!

Want to reduce the amount of waste headed to the landfill from our campus? A waste audit conducted by our SSIT will help assess your office’s waste behavior. You will work with your custodial team to halt garbage and recyclable pick up for one week, then our team will come in and sort your trash (in Tyvek suits and protective gear because, well, gross!). We will generate a report and recommendations on how to improve. After six months, we will follow up with a post assessment to see if any improvements were made. 

Responsibilities of Requestee: Must work with custodial staff to not collect waste for one week.

Time Commitment: 1 week for garbage collection for initial assessment, 1 week garbage collection six months later for post assessment

Advanced Notice Needed: 2 weeks