Left over food pick up

leftover food pickup.

Do you have left over food from an event that you don’t want to go to waste? A member of our team will come and pick it up to be given away to those looking for a meal. 

Don't let your leftovers go to waste!

Sometimes it’s hard to predict how much food is needed at events on our campus. The standard seems to be order more to make sure no one goes hungry, but this often leads to lots of leftovers!

We’d like to decrease this excess food, or at least put it to use. The first step would be to prevent extra food waste in the first place (hey, this is also fiscally responsible!). Use the Guestimator meal planning tool from Save the Food to try to get an estimate of what your needs are.

So you tried that, but now you have five left over sheet pizzas? Let our SSIT help you get rid of it! Place a request below to have one of our SSIT members come and take your leftovers. They will bring it to a high trafficked area on campus for the community to finish up. 

Responsbilities of the Requestee:  It will be your responsibility to coordinate pickup with the SSIT team member.

Advanced Notice Needed: Due to the quick turnaround time needed for food safety, there is a chance that our SSIT might not be able to fulfill your request. We simply might not have anyone available to act fast. Once the request is received, we will try to find a member to act within an hour.  We will only recover food that has been served on the same day.