Energy Audit

energy audit.

Interested in knowing how much energy your office or lab uses? We can quantify your plug load and work with you to develop ways on making your space more efficient. 

How much power is your department using?

Our SSIT members can come to your lab or office and monitor the energy usage of your electronic equipment. Kilowatt monitors will be placed in your outlets and left for a week (or month) to gather how much energy you unit is using. After this, our team will generate a report of recommendations on how to decrease your usage. We then will schedule a follow up assessment to see if a reduction has happened.  Please note that this will not account for HVAC systems. 

Responsibilities of Requestee: Ensure that the Kilowatt meters are not touched or moved, completion of a pre and post test on energy usage. 

Time Commitment: 1-4 weeks 

Advanced Notice Needed: 2 weeks