Compost Pick Up


Is your office interested in composting food scraps and coffee grounds? The SSIT can help haul away your food scraps. To participate, your office must first go through a compost training and be willing to have a designated staff member serve as a point of contact.

Divert your office's food waste!

Is your office interested in reaching zero waste?  Would you like to compost your food waste? You can request a compost bucket pick up services from our SSIT team. After a presentation on UB’s composting rules and a mandatory waste audit, we can schedule a weekly or every other weekly compost bucket pick up.

Responsibilities of the Requestee

  • Let your team know that you would like to begin composting in the office and will be the main point of contact.
  • Schedule a 30 minute “How to Compost” presentation for your entire unit presented by the SSIT
  • Coordinate weekly pickups with SSIT
  • Monitor for contamination
  • Communicate with SSIT as needed
  • Onboard new students and employees that join your team
  • Work with SSIT to place the compost bin in an appropriate area
  • Post instructional signage
  • Agree to stop using K-cups

Time Commitment: 30 minutes for the compost presentation, regular monitoring of bin.

Advanced Notice Needed: One week (to set up presentation and find a reoccurring time)