Meet the 2019-20 Fellows

UB's ELFS are the ambassadors to sustainability on our college campus. They communicate the concerns on climate change and the need for equity and diversity in making our world a better, more resilient place. 

This year, the fellowship is structured with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as a guide. Each fellow is on a mission to master each one of the seventeen goals. They will do this by attending events and workshops, infusing sustainability into their class projects and presenting their research. They will work on projects that leave their legacy on UB's campus, and develop new ideas that could impact our region, country, and world. 

ELFS are rewarded for the amount of goals that they have completed during the school year. The ELF with the most goals completed in April will be recognized with a special award at our SLICE ceremony. 

In This Section:

Alexandra Dombrowski

Alex and the Bees.

Major: Biological Sciences

Year: Senior

Bio: I'm a senior at UB studying Biological Sciences with a minor in Anthropology. I have the Presidential scholarship and am a member of the Honors College. I originally came to UB as a pre-med, but have shifted my focus to environmental research and plan to apply for grad school after working for a year. This past year I became very interested in beekeeping anf began learning. This summer I helped found UB Bees and bring 6 hives to campus. 

Alex's Progress

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Nia Gilliam

Nia G.

Major: Environmental Engineering and Biology

Year: Junior

Bio: My name is Nia Gilliam, I am a junior here at UB double majoring in Environmental Engineering and Biology. I transferred from Mercy College in order to pursue an engineering degree. I am interested in environmental research, environmental conservation, environmental remediation, sustainability, and community organizing. I have done research in phytoremediation and am currently interested in research in water quality. A recent accomplishment of mine was being selected for an internship with New York City Department of Environmental Protection this past summer. With this opportunity I was able to learn deeply about the importance of water in our communities.

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Jacqueline Hannan

JAcqueline Hannan.

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Year: Junior

Bio: My name is Jacqueline Hannan, and I am a junior majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in human factors and ergonomics engineering. I love traveling, and take any opportunity that I get to explore new places. I studied abroad in Troyes, France after my freshman year, and was afforded the incredible opportunity to travel to many different countries around Europe. I also enjoy any adventures in the outdoors, hiking, cooking, running, and spending time with my family and friends.  

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Cameron Hotto

Cam Hotto.

Major: Business (Operations and Finance)

Year: Sophomore

Bio: I am from Victor, NY, which is twenty minutes southeast of downtown Rochester. This past summer, I was the Assistant Manager at Victor Self Storage, where I helped businesses and homeowners with their unique storage needs. My family owns six acres of land, which includes a hiking trail system, a meandering creek, and is surrounded by corn fields, hardwood forests, and glacial drumlins. I grew up in the natural world and I have discovered that I have a strong desire to protect it. In my town, I have seen the effects of suburban sprawl. The school is over capacity, the open space is being developed for strip-malls, fast-food chains, and houses. I started an organic farm on my family's property, and after five years, it is now a half acre in size. I sell the produce at the end of my driveway and also deliver some of it to local community members. Eating local foods is a great way to be more sustainable. I would like to be a part of developing the new campus garden, as I have a lot of knowledge in this area. I also started a maple syrup business and produce 20 gallons of syrup each season. This industry will face struggles as climate change accelerates. I have many ideas to improve sustainability at UB. In Greiner Hall, each room has a recycling bin and this should be the same in Ellicott. I saw many recyclables in the trash cans last school year. We also need better recycling in the SU. Also, should we plant a wildflower patch to attract pollinators and help the new bees on campus? Should we buy "ugly" produce to use in our recipes and save money?  Should we put the dead ash trees on campus to good use? 

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Ebony Huntley

Ebony Huntley.

Major: Communications 

Year: Junior

Bio: Before coming to UB, I attended Monroe Community College in my home city Rochester, NY for 2 years where I studied Business Administration and was a Resident Assistant. As an RA I won programmer of the year award, which helps me explain that socializing and fellowship is one of my interests and I love having fun while getting to know new people. I am continuing my education here with a major in Communication and a Minor in Business Management. With both fields in my coursework, I am hoping to gain a leadership role here and execute my ideas with respect to what I’m learning academically. Ultimately, dealing with acne and being overweight my entire life did have a huge impact on my health overall and once I noticed it was from the foods I was consuming, it opened up a whole new world for me and I am driven to incorporate the plant-based lifestyle into my dream goal of being a successful entrepreneur. 

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Tessie Mar


Major: Environmental Studies

Year: Sophomore

Bio: I am a sophomore environmental studies and intended earth systems science major at the University at Buffalo.  I am interested in sustainability, marine conservation, music, cats, thrift shopping, and hiking.  In my free time, I enjoy playing violin, spending time with friends, gardening with my mom, playing with my cat, and reading.  My accomplishments have been mainly academic based.  I have made honor roll all four years of high school, and received an academic achievement award for my cumulative grades in humanities and science.  Lastly, during my time in the environmental club in high school, we worked to introduce stainless steel bottles branded with the high school's name, and have them sold at the school store.  

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Clayton Markham


Major: Environmental Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Bio: I like to refer to myself as a tree hugger that can do math and science, but if you talk to my friends, they might refer to me as the "Compost King," that guy who always turns off the lights after leaving the dorm bathroom, or the friend that whips out reusable silverware at the fast food restaurant. Yet, before I realized how passionate I am about sustainability, I knew that I loved nature and the outdoors. I grew up exploring the forest in my backyard, going to the zoo, and camping at state parks. I also love to ski, hike, white water raft, and just be outside! This summer, I worked at Las Pumas Rescue Center, a wildlife rescue center in Costa Rica for native animals such as pumas, sloths, and parrots. Just as much as I love to compost and take care of pumas, I love singing, dancing, and acting, hence being in an acappella group. Here at UB, I am a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship, NYS STEM Incentive Scholarship, and NYS Academic Excellence Scholarship, so you can add mega-nerd to my list of nicknames as well (which I take as a compliment). Hopefully, I will be able to add ELF as well!

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Maya Miller


Major: Environmental Design

Year: Junior

Bio: I am a transfer student from New York City. There I studied graphic design. I am still very much interested in visual art and effective communication. But I transferred to the University of Buffalo to study Environmental design. Environmental design because it tackles real complex issues in the built environment. It deals with the mundane/practical/engineering concerns as well as the ephemeral community and neighborhood. I have had a few internships here and have learned how much I enjoy learning and working with local communities. This semester I am enjoying learning ArcGIS, a mapping program and exploring Typography. I hope to do more work in the future that is both technical and artistic. 

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Melissa Moore


Major: Science and Public Policy

Year: Graduate (Masters)

Bio: My interests lie in natural sciences.  I enjoy working with plants and animals, and have carried jobs working with both.  I am a freelance sciences writer and freelance wildlife biologist. I am enrolled in the Science and Public major but I am applying to transfer to the MS Engineering Science/ Sustainability program.  I enjoy formal and informal education, politics, and hands on work.  I have excellent oral and written communication skills along with interpersonal skills.  I enjoy nature just as much as I enjoy people and strive to help both survive fruitfully.    

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Azalia Muchransyah


Major: Media Study

Year: Graduate Student (PhD) 

Bio: Azalia Muchransyah is a filmmaker, writer, and scholar from Indonesia. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in Media Study at University at Buffalo (SUNY). She receives two Fulbright scholarships: the 2011 Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant as well as the 2017 DIKTI-Funded Fulbright Ph.D. Scholarship. In 2019, she is chosen as a Social Impact Fellow at University at Buffalo as well as a Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) Diversity Scholar at Ithaca College. Her area of interest is advocacy media, specifically AIDS Media in Indonesia. Her short films have been officially selected and screened in international festivals and academic conferences.

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Jason Nowak

Jason Nowak.

Major: Environmental Design

Year: Sophomore

Bio: I have an architecture designer background and am interested in re-purposing buildings and facilities to be more eco-friendly. I have had several leadership positions throughout high school and at a summer camp that I've worked at for 6 years. I am looking to start involvement in a community outreach so that the city becomes a healthy habitat for all living creatures here. 

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Madelyn Radel

Madelyn Radel.

Major: Environmental Studies

Year: Sophomore

Bio: I am a sophomore, commuter student at UB. I am majoring in environmental studies and minoring in anthropology. My major was inspired by many of my interests which include sustainability, waste, and access to and the impact of food on our environment. My minor in anthropology came from a class called "Why Have Wealth" which was my first exposure to the discipline of anthropology and helped me realize my desire to learn more about humans and cultures and how that in turn impacts the world we live in and the environment we impact. I spent the summer at an internship at the Wegmans Organic Farm where I not only got to learn about organic agriculture but also got to participate in it. I worked mostly in the realm of Controlled Environment Agriculture but I was also exposed to the science of compost, organic pesticides, and other farm operations. In school, I am a Presidential Scholar, NYS Academic Excellence scholarship recipient, Wegmans scholarship recipient, and 4.0 student. And this past semester I received an award for success in chemistry. Outside of school, I work at Wegmans in the Knowledge Based Services department, where I prepare food and educate customers on its value. From work, I have received merit raises for my hard work and a scholarship for embodying the values of the company. Outside of work and school, I am also a part-time nanny. I am one of seven siblings which has naturally grown my ability to publically speak and solve conflict. When given the time, I love doing yoga, listening to podcasts about climate change, and reading. 

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Anders Rosen


Major: MBA

Year: Graduate Student (Masters) 

Bio: For the past 9 years, I have managed communications teams at major universities, met tight deadlines for Fortune 500 companies, started new departments for retail companies, and taught in classrooms in the mountains of Medellin, Colombia. Today, I am working toward an MBA degree from University at Buffalo's School of Management, while focusing in finance and sustainability, I look forward to gaining the skillset necessary to lead teams providing value for green projects positively affecting Western New York.

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Maximilian Schynoll


Major: Financial Analysis

Year: Junior

Bio: My name is Maximilian Schynoll, and I am currently a junior pursuing an undergraduate degree in finance, with a plan to add environmental studies. I am an avid swimmer, biker, skier, and mountaineer, who hopes to one day climb in the Himalaya. My interests in finance and the environment have given me a focus in pursuing a career in renewable energy and geoengineering investment. This last summer, I had the opportunity to work in Germany in a multi-international team to evaluate and analyze global company financials for investment strategies. Included, were a few companies in the wind and solar industries. This experience gave me an interest in one day working abroad in the renewables sector and contributing to the world in a green, impactful, and sustainable way.  

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Nofel Sohail


Major: Environmental Design BA, Minor in Architecture and Graphic Design

Year: Junior

Bio: My name is Nofel Sohail and I am from Rochester New York, Henrietta specifically. I like to play tennis when I have the time, spend time with my family, and hang out with my friends. I work part time at a Speedway on Huxley and Cleveland, and enjoy talking to the people and getting a sense for the character and culture of a community. Recently I have been looking for opportunities to get involved in a meaningful engagement with the concepts that I have learned about over the past three years. Most people would say that I am a little bit too driven, and that I ask a lot of questions, but that is only because I'm trying to do the best I can at whatever it is that I do.

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Samantha Whatmough


Major: Environmental Geosciences

Year: Sophomore

Bio: In my one engineering class my freshman year, we had to design a wind turbine in a group setting. I took it upon myself to do an in depth research study on alternative energies that could be presented to a board of distinguished engineers in the field of renewable energy. I spearheaded the report that detailed the importance of renewable energy project and why it was imperative to increase the number of renewable energy sources and move away from fossil fuels to reduce the carbon footprint and restore a balance of resources. 

I also worked on a group critiqued research paper on the history of recycling in New York City. I wanted to explore the inner workings of the city's recycling program to discover its strongest and weakest aspects. Gaining a historical perspective on recycling in America's biggest city gave me the best point of view on large sustainability movements and improvements. The paper was researched specifically by me, but was peer-reviewed and critiqued by an outside writing group. The topic was formulated by me and directly tied into my sustainability beliefs.

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Kitty Xie


Major: Spanish

Year: Graduate Student (PhD)

Bio: My name is Kitty Xie and I am a PhD student in Spanish at the University at Buffalo. I have a great interest in Latin American cinema, and when I am not in school I have expressed interested in sustainability, specifically recycling.  During my undergraduate years at UB, I gained leadership skills by serving as President of Delta Sigma Pi, a well-known and established honor society in Spanish.  I currently work with Hispanic patients and staff at the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) and other medical and community settings.  With this role, I have become the bridge between such patients and the hospital staff, ensuring proper communication between the two parties and proper care for the patients who otherwise may not have a voice in their treatment. With what I learn through ELFS, I aim to educate the community around UB by identifying alternative ways to be eco-friendlier and improve the environment using my fluency in the Spanish language and my knowledge of sustainability for a better environment, but most importantly for the present of our children and upcoming generations.

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