Progress Report: Student Experience and Programs: Student Life

Executive Leadership: Vice President for Student Life

Published November 16, 2023




Identify academic support programs successfully retaining and graduating BIPOC students.   Moved to Curriculum and Pedagogy

Commit Investments to support at scale programs across the campus.


  • Starting Fall 2021: $40,000 allocated for mandatory annual Fall diversity speaker and annual Spring Semester Multicultural Leadership Institute (MLI)
  • Investment detail provided in following section

Increase resources and funding to offices and initiatives that promote student diversity programs and services representative of a SUNY flagship and comparable to other AAU institutions.


Increased Intercultural and Diversity Center resources by 35% for 2022-2023 academic year

IDC Funding/Resources: 2019-2022

OTPS: Average: $64,723; Total Salaries: $332,173-$358,022

IDC Funding/Resources: 2022-2023

OTPS: $110,420 (+$10, 000 donor gift); Total Salaries: $461,039


2022-2023: added additional full-time staff member (Assistant Director) and upgraded a Coordinator position to the Assistant Director level to enhance and increase programs and services in Intercultural and Diversity Center.


IDC Funding/Resources: 2023-2024
OTPS: $139,520 (26% increase from previous year)

115% total increase to OTPS over last two years

  • Partnered with Academic Affairs to secure University Innovation Alliance Black Student Success Initiative Grant of $25,000 for Creating Undergraduate Learning Through Unity, Resources and Equity (CULTURE) Program (peer mentoring, affinity groups, workshops, living and learning communities); program provides direct resources for UB campus initiatives as well as creates collaborative opportunities with other institutions; 
  • Solicited donor for creation of ‘Social Justice Fund’ (2022-2023 and 2023-2024) – donor generously provided $10,000 for funds dedicated to the cause of improving social justice (administered by IDC)
  • 2 BIPOC Specialists on Counseling Services Staff
  • Counseling Services collaboration with Intercultural and Diversity Center for for a weekly Drop In BIPOC Support Group

Institutionalize annual celebrations of our diverse community in an ongoing manner such as awards, events, festivals, heritage months, etc.


Intercultural and Diversity Center History Monthly Student Celebrations: Latinx, Black, Indigenous, AAPI; Annual Celebrations: Lavender Ceremony [16 years]; ALANA Celebration of Achievement [26 years]


ONGOING: Intercultural and Diversity Center to engage in discussions with recently appointed Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence and decanal units about opportunities to create institution-wide opportunities in this space

Organize and involve a broad spectrum of students in identifying needs and envisioning future diversity and social justice initiatives.


Use SL paraprofessionals (Diversity Advocates, RAs, Engagement Ambassadors, OLs, etc. as feedback resources; meet once a semester with relevant SA Cultural Club Eboard members; consult with Dean of Students’ Advisory Committee; maintain ongoing communication with UB Council Student Representative (Currently Alika Turton)

Better coordinate, promote and increase programs designed to create a more welcoming and supportive environment for current UB students in order to improve retention and graduation rates.



Multicultural Leadership Institute [Jan 2022, Jan 2023, Jan 2024] (IDC, Career Design Center, Campus Living, Student Support Services) Summer 2022 Wellness Programming (IDC, Counseling Services) Fall FOCUS event [August 2022, August 2023] (IDC and Residential Life); “Bulls Like Me” Identity Group Discussions [Fall 2021, Fall 2022, Fall 2023] (IDC, OTPP); IDC Welcome Back BBQ [Aug 2022] (848 attendees) [Aug 2023] (1,203 attendees)


Fall 2022 IDC Collaborations: “Tough Topic: Surviving and Thriving: Prioritizing Mental Health” (Counseling Services); “Friends With Out Borders” (Counseling Services); Spoken Word/Open Mic Event (CSTEP); Hispanic Heritage Month Speaker, Javier Avila (Inclusive Excellence); continuously solicit feedback from UB students about types of programs and services necessary for success; Collaborate further with Student Life Marketing and Communications for promotion of events, activities, services, and resources;


2023/2024: designated Marketing and Communications ‘beat’ staff member assigned to Intercultural and Diversity Center to promote IDC events, activities, services, and resources


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