Progress Report: Inclusive Space

Executive Leadership: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Unit Leadership: University Facilities; Campus Planning

Published November 9, 2022




Deepen our understanding about equity in the built environment at UB by identifying possible (a) health disparities, (b) achievement disparities, and (c) differences in perceptions of belonging by race and place (including students, faculty, and staff).

AY 2023-2024

In progress

Research into the principles of place attachment in a campus environment has commenced.  We are targeting to have the research completed by Fall 2023.

Define inclusive design standards, processes, and policies for new construction and renovation projects.

AY 2024-2025

In progress
Phase 1 (22-23): Identify best practices in architectural design and climate action principles.

Phase 2 (23-24):

Identify best practices in landscape/public realm design.

The assessments will inform the development of design standards which are targeted to be completed by Summer 2024.

Target investments toward under-performing buildings, spaces, and places. Seek annual funding for public art, contemplative sites and enhancement to the public realm.

AY 2022-2023

Completed/In progress
The subcommittee supports the existing Public Art Committee and the Contemplative Sites Program.  Funding for both initiatives is part of ARPP.

The subcommittee is exploring the feasibility of a monuments program for the campus.

Integrate stakeholder feedback and anticipate unintended project impacts.

AY 2023-2024

In progress

The development of a Design Review Committee is nearing completion and implementation is targeted to commence in Fall 2023.

Coordinate project implementation and communicate with project contributors and stakeholders before, during, and after project implementation.

AY 2022-2023


We are incorporating this recommendation into the initiative listed above. The Design Review Committee will be leveraged to assist with communication.

“Close the loop”; i.e., define a timeline and assign responsibility for carrying out routine assessments.



In progress

This initiative will commence once the Design Review Committee is form.