Tips for Faculty and Instructors

See below for a list of recommendations that you can implement to make both your courses and your interactions with students more inclusive. Each recommendation also refers to a resource link with more in-depth information.

Syllabus Teaching Strategy Classroom Dynamics Mentoring


  • Discuss short-term goals, long-term goals, and activities to reach those goals by using an Individual Development Plan (IDP)1
  • Be honest about what you can and cannot provide for a mentee and connect mentees with other possible mentors to fill any gaps1
  • Have an open conversation about what your mentee thinks their strengths are and also what they would like to improve upon. Challenge your own biases about what student success looks like (the hidden curriculum)2
  • Expose mentee to a variety of different experiences and opportunities (e.g. offer the student the opportunity to connect with scholars of color from other institutions to build their networks; invite them to conferences; collaborate on research; connect them with non-academic opportunities)3
  • Find ways to relate to your mentee (e.g. similarities in identity, background/past experiences, interests, career aspirations, goals)3