National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity

The University at Buffalo is pleased to announce it has joined the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD).

Several faculty members are smiling around a conference table.

What is it?

NCFDD is an independent professional development, training, and mentoring community for faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students dedicated to supporting academics in making successful transitions throughout their careers. UB's institutional membership offers an array of resources to all faculty, postdocs, and graduate students, including:

  • Monthly Core Curriculum Webinars
  • Guest Expert Webinars
  • Multi-Week Courses
  • Webinar Library of All Prior Trainings
  • Weekly Monday Motivator Email
  • 14-Day Writing Challenges
  • Dissertation Success Curriculum for Graduate Students
  • Buddy Matching (by request)
More information on the member resources listed above:

Who is Eligible?

All UB faculty, postdocs, and graduate students

How to Activate your Membership

  • Visit
  • Select "University at Buffalo" from the dropdown menu. 
  • Click “Activate My Membership.” 
  • Complete the Registration Form using your UB email address ( 
  • Click “Activate Account” in the confirmation email. 

Further Opportunities:

Below are programs offered to NCFDD members at an additional cost:


For questions, contact the Office of Inclusive Excellence at