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Collaborations & Initiatives

Strategic collaborations with academic and administrative offices at UB to enhance equity and inclusion is at the core of our mission. Here are some of our collaborations and initiatives.

Dine with Faculty
The Office of the Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion, in conjunction with the Faculty Senate, Professional Staff Senate, and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is hosting UClub2.0 on Saturday, March 4, 10am-2pm in the Student Union. Click here to register. 
Dine with Faculty
Let us transform UB into a large research university with a small community feel. The Office of the Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion is collaborating with Campus Living to pilot the “Dine with Faculty” program. The program provides students with the opportunity to get to know their professors outside the classroom setting while enjoying a meal in one of UB’s many dining establishments. Come and interact with your professors!

Inclusive Thanksgiving was developed in collaboration with International Education to create a more inclusive campus experience for international students by facilitating their being invited into the homes of UB faculty and staff for Thanksgiving Dinner.

At a time when differences are polarizing the nation, we at UB have the opportunity to come together to as a community to face “head on” issues that threaten to divide us. During the 2016 spring semester, UB students piloted this effort by engaging in twelve difficult conversations facilitated by faculty members. Following this success, UB will continue to create differrent platforms that allows for constructive conversations. 
An Equity & Inclusion Council was formed to create a broad-based body university stakeholders (including faculty, students, staff, and alumni) who will work with the VPEI in groups, sub-committees and task forces to plan E&I strategies, identify gaps in existing policies, and transform the culture of E&I at UB.
The Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion is working in collaboration with the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs to assess the status of faculty mentoring at UB.   In March 2015, a study was conducted to assess the current state of faculty mentoring at UB.  Over the coming weeks a group of faculty members will be assembled to serve on a Mentoring Advisory Committee to explore the findings of this study and to develop a set of recommendations for improving UB’s mentoring policy. 

From March to August, 2014, the VPEI conducted a University-wide tour meeting with faculty and staff, talking to them about the topic of Equity & Inclusion across campus. On this page you will find an infographic summarizing the Listing Tour.


On October 1, 2014 the Office of the Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion partnered with the Office of Educational Collaboration and Engagement and the Office of Community Relations to provide UB faculty and staff the opportunity to speak directly to some of the major players in the development of the BNMC.

In Development

Community of Equity and Inclusion Researchers

A Community of Equity & Inclusion Researchers is being established to facilitate, foster, and improve the quantity and quality of faculty research on Equity and Inclusion across the campuses, for the purpose of increasing discussions of E&I within academic departments, creating interdisciplinary networks of E&I researchers, increasing engagement between faculty scholars and the Buffalo Community, and increasing the profile of this area of research at UB.

Equity and Inclusion Dashboard

An Equity and Inclusion Dashboard is being developed to present and report data that provides a "snapshot" of campus diversity, and measures the perception of equity and inclusion at UB by faculty, staff, and students in a clear, and visually-engaging manner.

Listening Tour—Phase II

The VPEI's Listening Tour will be expanded to identify and understand equity and inclusion challenges and opportunities of department chairs and students.

Inventory of Diversity Trainings Campus Wide

Data will be collected about the use and occurrence of diversity training across the academic and administrative units.