Inclusive Excellence Summit

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Date: Thursday, May 4, 2023

Location: In-Person (UB, Student Union, North Campus)

Registration: Outside Student Union Theatre, 2nd                                            Floor 

                                             Intended Audience: UB Community

UB's third Inclusive Excellence Summit consisted of diverse sessions and workshops that highlight practices, research, and initiatives across the university that support diversity and inclusion. It served as a unique opportunity for our campuses to come together as a community of staff, faculty, and students to promote understanding and explore new ways to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Attendees had the chance not only to share their work with the University community, but also to learn about the various innovative and creative ways that our faculty, staff, and graduate students foster multiculturalism and diversity on a daily basis.

The Inclusive Excellence Summit is sponsored by the Office of Inclusive Excellence, the LGBTQ Faculty Staff Association, the Minority Faculty and Staff Association (MFSA), and the Professional Staff Senate Inclusion and Diversity Committee.

We hope you'll join us for our next Inclusive Excellence Summit in 2025!

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Summit Program

Keynote Address: Confronting Ourselves: Promoting Diversity, Cultural Competence, and Inclusive Excellence
Picture of Dr. Greenfield.

Dr. Derek Greenfield is a nationally recognized thought leader, speaker, educator, and activist committed to inclusive excellence and positive change. With his dynamic, interactive style and transformational ideas, Dr. Greenfield's powerful workshops and keynote presentations have inspired and informed audiences from Texas to Tonga, with clients including CBS Sports, Visa, Progress Energy, Tinder, and over 300 colleges and universities. Furthermore, his work has been featured in media outlets such as ESPN, Source magazine, HuffPost Live, Hot97 Radio, Sports Illustrated, Seattle Times, and HBCU Digest. A former award-winning tenured faculty member, Dr. Greenfield most recently served as Vice President for Student Engagement and Campus Life/Chief Diversity Officer at Kentucky State University, where he spearheaded a dramatic turnaround in campus culture and retention. Dr. Greenfield earned his BA and MA in Sociology from Northwestern University, a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Washington, and an EdD from Cape Peninsula University of Technology in South Africa. He is a proud Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

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American Diversity and Design Class Exhibit

The American Diversity and Design course (ARC 211), taught by Associate Professor Beth Tauke focuses on the relationship of design to the changing nature of our society in the U.S. It introduces students to eight issues of diversity: race, ethnicity, gender, class, age, physical characteristics, cognitive characteristics, and religion. The histories of our diverse physical and media environments are analyzed using theories and principles related to inclusive design.

The In Our Shoes project asks students to design a poster that builds awareness of how the design of UB’s campuses either serve as supports or barriers. Students acquire a pair of shoes and develop a description of the person who might wear them. They then take a trip around the campus imagining how it might be perceived by the person wearing the shoes. Students consider “design as a social act” and contemplate ways that the poster, as a form of communication design, can operate as a cultural force, either reflecting or shaping values, beliefs, and priorities.

Visit the Student Union Lobby from 12:05-12:45pm to meet the students and talk to them about their posters.  

Zahra Leigh Amos; Tyler Brown; Trevor Caubang; Chelsea Chacha; Arianna Cinotti; Andrew Derysh; Ben Flora; Sophie Goodwin; Del Hart; Hannah Ikawa; Kyle Kardysauskas; Simarjit Kaur; Thomas Kish; Ha Hui Lei; Trexi Lin; Rina Nisrin; Dominic Pennacchio; Grace Perritt; Emily Petrinec; Eliason Raines; Harry Tian; Lola Villamonte-Stein; Connor Waasdorp; and Tre Wade

First slide preview of American Diversity and Design Class Exhibit presentation.

Concurrent Sessions