Strategic Initiatives

Student reading a textbook outside.
  • 7/28/21
    The Visiting Future Faculty Program (VITAL) is an exciting and rewarding four-day program that brings promising doctoral scholars from all disciplines to the University at Buffalo. UB’s inaugural Visiting Future Faculty Week will take place from March 28 to April 1, 2022.
  • 8/28/20
    UB is committed to integrating inclusive excellence into all aspects of its operations, fostering a sense of shared responsibility, better monitoring progress to goals, and coordinating campus diversity and inclusion-related efforts.
  • 7/20/21
    In spring 2019, UB conducted a survey of students, faculty and staff across the university to measure the inclusiveness of UB's academic environment
  • 7/28/21
    Some of the current initiatives and resources at the University at Buffalo to further our goal of diversifying the faculty.
  • 6/22/20
    The Office of Inclusive Excellence offers an administrative fellowship for faculty to support transformational projects that can enhance inclusive excellence at UB.  Below are the previous fellows supported by our office.
  • 6/3/21
    The Office of Inclusive Excellence, in collaboration with UB’s Unit Diversity Officers, presents a series of programs on inclusive pedagogy to cultivate inclusive classrooms and curriculums.
  • 8/21/18
    UB receives $3 million Mellon grant in support of Indigenous Studies
  • 7/20/21
    The University at Buffalo is dedicated to the inclusion of LGBTQ+ faculty, staff and students.  Please refer to this web portal for an up to date list of the policies, events, resources, and news that highlight this commitment.