Visiting Future Faculty Program

The Visiting Future Faculty Program (VITAL) is an exciting and rewarding four-day program that brings outstanding doctoral scholars from all disciplines to the University at Buffalo.

Fall 2023 VITAL scholars smiling at their hotel.

Fall 2023 VITAL cohort

Fall 2024 VITAL Information

Information for Prospective VITAL Scholars

UB’s fourth Visiting Future Faculty Week will take place from October 13-18, 2024. Eligible students are ABD candidates in doctoral programs in any field who intend to pursue academic careers and who are available to visit UB during Visiting Future Faculty Week. We are no longer accepting applications.

Program Information

The Visiting Future Faculty Program (VITAL) brings outstanding doctoral scholars to the University at Buffalo to introduce our faculty and students to their groundbreaking scholarship. A primary goal of VITAL is to contribute to the growth of faculty from traditionally underrepresented and marginalized populations in the United States. This weeklong program will expose the selected scholars to the robust research and teaching opportunities available at UB, thus cultivating collaborations with UB faculty and students and strengthening opportunities for the diversification of UB faculty search pools across all disciplines. The program will provide Visiting Future Faculty with the opportunity to engage intensively with UB faculty and students, meet other scholars in the program, and experience the region’s many offerings.


  • VITAL scholars make the move to UB

    Five participants in the program designed to build an inclusive pipeline for recruitment have joined the UB faculty.

  • UB’s VITAL scholars return to campus

    Program is part of an initiative to increase the number of faculty at UB from traditionally underrepresented populations in North America.

  • VITAL scholars return to UB

    Thirty-four outstanding doctoral students are on campus this week as part of an initiative to increase the number of faculty from underrepresented groups.

  • UB to host inaugural class of 22 VITAL scholars

    The visit March 28 through April 1 is part of the effort to increase the number of faculty from traditionally underrepresented populations.

  • VITAL program to diversify pipeline for faculty recruitment

    The program will bring promising doctoral scholars from historically underrepresented populations to UB to build a network for potential hires.

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