Inclusive Excellence Resources

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There are many departments and offices at UB that provide resources, services, events and support related to equity and inclusion for students, faculty, and staff. Here are some of our campus partners working to enhance inclusive excellence across campus.


Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Provides assistance in UB’s goal to promote diversity, inclusion and equity campus wide. UB's compliance office, EDI oversees policies governing discrimination, harassment, reasonable accommodation, religious accommodation, child protection and recruitment; ensures that issues of harassment, discrimination and accommodation are addressed in a timely and effective manner; and hosts proactive activities related to diversity and inclusion.

Health Promotion

Part of Student Life, Health Promotion provides assistance that includes rape and sexual assault prevention and support and LGBTQ wellness.

International Student Services

Provides assistance, information and support to international students.

Accessibility at UB

Coordinates services and accommodations to ensure the accessibility and usability of all UB programs, services, and activities by people with disabilities.

UB Veteran Services

Provides support for student veterans (and their dependents) to make the transition to college and be successful at UB, including help with benefits and administrative issues, and a space for veterans to relax with their “brothers and sisters.”  

EthicsPoint Hotline

A safe and confidential reporting channel for UB faculty, staff and students to report or inquire about potential breaches of university policies or procedures or to seek guidance on how to manage suspected misconduct.

Minority Faculty and Staff Association

Enhances the quality of life and campus climate by promoting participation and inclusion of all people of color in the workforce at the university.

LGBTQ Faculty and Staff Association

Contributes to and supports a welcoming and inclusive university community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer faculty and staff through education, networking and advocacy


Gender Institute

Promotes research and teaching related to women, gender, and sexuality.

Center for Disability Studies

Seeks to promote and be a forum for academic research and teaching in the humanities and social sciences and to facilitate the integration of people with disabilities into the community.

Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDeA Center)

Dedicated to making environments and products more usable, safer and healthier in response to the needs of an increasingly diverse population.

Joining Forces - UB

A unique partnership of the schools of social work and nursing, Joining Forces supports military-related research and provides excellence in education and training for UB students and health care providers serving veterans and military families in our region.


Diversity Learning Courses at UB

A list of Diversity Learning courses from the Undergraduate Course Catalog.

Intercultural and Diversity Center (IDC)

Educates students through programs and events that increase their understanding of the multi-faceted aspects of diversity and the advantages of being at the University at Buffalo, a diverse institution. IDC offers students various opportunities to engage in dialogue, celebrate differences and commonalities, and promote awareness about diversity and how it affects their beliefs, perceptions, and the global society.

Institute for Strategic Enhancement of Educational Diversity (iSEED)

Institute for Strategic Enhancement of Educational Diversity (iSEED) promotes a culturally and academically inclusive community of students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and staff.

Buffalo-area Engineering Awareness for Minorities (BEAM)

BEAM is a cooperative educational enrichment program that prepares inner city, minority, female and other under-represented students for careers in science, engineering, and technology.

Discover Law Scholars Program

An immersive, summer residency program for underrepresented minority or first generation undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in law.

Collaborative Learning and Integrated Mentoring in the Biosciences (CLIMB)

CLIMB Program is devoted to helping students and junior scientists develop into leaders in the sciences.

Initiative for Maximizing Student Development

A program that develops student talents, promotes the professional growth of PhD students, and enhances intellectual and cultural diversity in the biomedical and behavioral sciences.

Cora P. Maloney Center (CPMC)

Facilitates academic excellence, access, equity, and achievement for a diverse student population through a variety of programs, advising and student support, collaborative learning workshops, mentoring to prepare for graduate studies and professional schools, summer bridge programs, and scholarships.