Resources Across the University

Schools and units across the university offer programs and resources to foster inclusive excellence for their faculty, staff and students. Click on the links below to learn more about efforts within your school or office.

School of Architecture and Planning

Injustices and inequities in society are intricately related to historic legacies and current practices in how we plan, design and build communities. The built environment professions are uniquely positioned to “see” and eliminate these place-based injustices. Join us as we drive dialogue and action toward a more just and inclusive future for all. Learn more or contact Samina Raja, associate dean for research and inclusive excellence.

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College of Arts and Sciences

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion goes hand in hand with our commitment to equity and social justice. In the College of Arts and Sciences, we value diversity in all forms, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, Indigeneity, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, language, culture, religion, mental and physical ability, age, socio-economic status, parenting status, citizenship status, and immigration status. Openness, dignity, intellectual curiosity, and inclusiveness are crucial to learning. They are the root of true knowledge and lie at the heart of our academic mission.  

School of Dental Medicine
Diversity Matters - Diverse Students.

We at The University at Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine embrace diversity and strive to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment, where our students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds feel empowered to achieve their greatest potential.

It is part of our mission to enhance recruitment and retention of historically underrepresented minority students, faculty and staff, to address disparities in oral health and healthcare, and to train culturally competent clinicians who are equipped to meet oral healthcare needs of our increasingly diverse communities.

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Graduate School of Education

UB's Graduate School of Education is committed to creating an equitable, diverse, just and inclusive community. With a focus on local-to-global impact, we are engaged in ground-breaking research and teaching across education, human development and information science that improves educational, social and economic opportunities for individuals and communities.

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse community—one that will enrich engineering education and empower our students, faculty and staff to achieve their goals. Programs and initiatives:

Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

profiles of different faces with colors black, yellow, brown, white and rainbow flag.

This office shares the University at Buffalo’s commitment to promote diversity, inclusion and equity, and it is devoted to amplifying the voices of our community to create an inclusive and welcoming learning environment.

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School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

We believe in ensuring mutual respect and equal opportunity for all. We are dedicated to removing barriers to equity and to bring forth a culture of inclusivity. Current initiatives include:

  • Recruitment and retention of students, faculty, staff, mentors and preceptors from underrepresented backgrounds
  • Curriculum enhancement to incorporate health disparities/cultural competence in future courses
  • Mentorships for minority students by minority alumni
  • Student wellness clinics and student direct career mentorship in local underserved communities
School of Public Health and Health Professions
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Our learning community is enriched by differences in perspectives and background. A diverse student body, faculty and staff is instrumental in promoting cultural competence in public health and clinical practice.

School of Social Work

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Academic Affairs

Supporting Equity, Diversity, Justice and Inclusion

As a university-wide academic support unit, Academic Affairs is committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued and has a sense of belonging. To create a just culture, Academic Affairs will eliminate barriers and implement fair and equitable practices and policies that provide opportunities for all to flourish and reach their highest potential. Visit the Academic Affairs website to learn more about the efforts to support equity, diversity, justice and inclusion.

Student Life
A rainbow captured with Baird Point after a fall rain in September 2019. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

In Student Life we value:

  • Ethical and inclusive practices
  • Building a community where all students and employees feel welcome and valued
  • Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to student and staff growth and success

Our Intercultural and Diversity Center (IDC) office is committed to supporting all students at UB by creating a  sense of belonging and celebrating our differences just as we celebrate our commonalities.

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