Equity, Diversity, Justice and Inclusion

As a university-wide academic support unit, Academic Affairs is committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone in our community feels welcomed, valued and has a sense of belonging.

We vow to treat others with dignity and to affirm and respect the unique life experiences, self-expression, diversity and talents found within our VPAA community.

To create a just culture, we will eliminate barriers and implement fair and equitable practices and policies that provide opportunities for all to flourish and reach their highest potential.

Academic Affairs EDJI Committee

The Academic Affairs Equity, Diversity, Justice and Inclusion (EDJI) Committee is charged with fostering an inclusive workplace and coordinating the implementation of the Academic Affairs Racial Equities Task Force recommendations.

Meet the Committee

  • Jacqueline Hollins (Chair), associate vice provost for inclusion and student success | Academic Affairs
  • Ramelli Choates, senior executive director, Cora P. Maloney Center and coordinator, Access to College Excellence (ACE) Program | Cora P. Maloney Center
  • Elizabeth Colucci, assistant dean for graduate professional development | The Graduate School
  • Jacqueline Conroy, project manager for communications and outreach | Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation
  • Giambattista Davis, academic advisor and Honors EDI coordinator | Honors College
  • Lauren Galgovich, student success staff assistant | Student Success and Academic Support
  • Vivian Jimenez, director, tutoring & academic support services | Student Success and Academic Support
  • Danielle Johnson, director, social justice initiatives and director, Daniel Acker Scholars Program | Cora P. Maloney Center
  • Theresa LeClerc, senior assistant director | Marketing, Communications and Digital Engagement - Academic Affairs
  • Annette Pyszczynski, staff associate | Office of the Registrar
  • Odette Reid, associate director | Center for Excellence in Writing
  • Tyler Richards, coordinator of first-generation programs | Tutoring & Academic Support Services
  • Rebecca Rotundo, associate coordinator of instructional facilities renovation and maintenance | Office of the Registrar
  • Samantha Smith, director of TrACE | Undergraduate Education

If you want to join the committee or volunteer for a specific EDJI event, please email Jacqui Hollins at jhollins@buffalo.edu.

Supporting EDJI in Academic Affairs