EDJI Faculty Fellows Program

Equity, Diversity, Justice and Inclusion

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Program Overview

The Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation (CATT) launched the EDJI Faculty Fellows Program for the 2023-2024 academic year. This program was developed to enhance the implementation of the university’s PACOR recommendations related to curriculum and instruction. The program supports a faculty cohort in the areas of inclusive pedagogy, universal design, assessment, change management, and academic leadership through professional development opportunities and community of practice. One faculty member per academic unit will serve as the EDJI Faculty Fellow representative each academic year. Faculty are nominated annually by their dean and will receive financial compensation for their time and contributions. Nominees will be compensated with one course release in fall and spring and a small stipend to participate in a 5-day training series.

Program Outcomes

  • Provide professional development trainings and ongoing support for EDJI Faculty Fellows
  • Advance EDJI resources for curricular development, course design and inclusive pedagogy

2024-25 EDJI Fellows

Are you interested in participating in our 2024-25 EDJI Faculty Fellows initiative? For more information on the program, please email ubcatt@buffalo.edu.

2023-24 Faculty Fellows

Annahita Ball.

Annahita Ball

Associate Professor

Social Work

Elizabeth Bartelt.

Elizabeth Bartelt

Clinical Teaching Faculty

Community Health & Health Behaviors

Sharon Beckford-Foster.

Sharon Beckford-Foster

Associate Professor

Africana and American Studies

Kathy Boje.

Kathy Boje

Associate Professor, Associate Dean & Director

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Matthew Bowker.

Matthew Bowker

Clinical Assistant Professor

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Rikki Cannioto.

Rikki Cannioto

Research Professor

Roswell Park - Cancer Sciences

Yunjeong Chang.

Yunjeong Chang

Assistant Professor

Learning and Instruction

Grady Gambrel.

Grady Gambrel

Clinical Assistant Professor


Jordana Maisel.

Jordana Maisel

Associate Professor & Director

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Mary Ann Rogers.

Mary Ann Rogers

Clinical Associate Professor, Assistant Dean

Organization and Human Resourses

Jamie Smith.

Jamie Smith

Chief Academic Officer

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Jennifer Surtees.

Jennifer Surtees


Biochemistry & Microbiology and Immunology

Doga Yucalan.

Doga Yucalan


Department of Engineering Education

Lukasz (Luke) Ziarek.

Luke Ziarek

Associate Professor

Computer Science and Enigineering