Peer Observation and Shadowing Program

The University at Buffalo is proud of its community of instructors, especially those who integrate evidence-based teaching practices into their courses to create engaged and supportive learning environments. These experienced instructors have the opportunity to mentor emerging instructors seeking to further advance their teaching practice.

UB can capitalize on building these mentorships between peers to continue to provide exceptional student learning experiences. UB is committed to the continual development of its instructors and its community of teaching and learning. 

There is a respect between peers and a trust that can be built between peers that can be leveraged to support teaching and student learning. 

This program focuses on two aspects of Peer-to-Peer support of teaching: Teaching Observations and Peer Shadowing. Through observations, shadowing, and modeling best practices we can increase the teaching capacity at UB. All instructors can build awareness of the impact of their own teaching and increase their reflection on curriculum development and teaching practice in a community of teaching and learning amongst peers. Observation, shadowing and modeling, in a non-punitive and supportive environment, promotes growth and development for the instructors involved. 


  • Provide instructors observation and shadowing opportunities with their peers, so that they may improve their teaching abilities and increase their teaching capacity
  • Engage and support instructors to improve student academic success
  • Develop a shared understanding of effective classroom practice
  • Improve classroom instruction and student success

Getting Involved

Departments interested in establishing a peer observation and shadowing program:

Please contact us below for more information about how we can support you in implementing a peer support program to enhance teaching effectiveness in your department.

Are you interested in giving peer support?

We can provide you training in best practices in engaged learning, how to observe a peer, providing coaching and mentoring, as well as in UB CATT's observation protocol. The opportunity to be shadowed in your teaching, or observe a peer in their teaching, increases your own teaching effectiveness capacities, as well as those of others and the possibilities for improving student success.

Are you interested in receiving peer support?

We can match you with a peer instructor on campus who you can shadow for one class period, and/or be observed for two active in-person classroom observations. In addition, we have trained learning designers who can review your course materials on the OSCQR Rubric (online courses more than 50%).

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