Student Academic Resources

The University at Buffalo has transitioned to a distance learning model for the remainder of the spring semester. As you get comfortable with this new educational format, we are here to help! We know you’ll have questions along the way, so we’ve compiled information to help you understand these changes. Please bookmark this page and check back often; we will update it as more information becomes available.

Even though how you take classes has changed, UB’s focus still is—and always will be—supporting your success. Remember, you can always contact a department or office with questions. We are here for you!

Distance Learning FAQ

How do I know how to access my class online?

Your course instructors will contact you by email by March 19 with instructions to access course content. Should this information change after March 23, your instructor should inform you.

How do I access UB Learns?

While online platforms will vary across courses, you will likely access your courses through UB Learns, powered by Blackboard. You can also access UB Learns through a link in MyUB. Your UB Learns username and password is the same as what you use for your UB email. Visit the UBIT website for further guidance on using UB Learns.

How often should I check email and UB Learns while I am taking an online course?

Often! Staying on top of your academic responsibilities is imperative while taking online courses. Check your email at least two times a day, if not more. Log in to UB Learns, or whatever online platform your course uses, every day. Checking your course modules frequently is how you can stay on top of your work and any updates or changes.

What technology will I need for an online course? What campus technology and software resources are available to students?

To complete online courses, you will need a computer and Internet access, at a minimum. Please visit UBIT’s Preparing Student Devices for Distance Learning page to find information on software and other recommendations. University Libraries can also offer resources for students who remain on campus. Please visit the UBIT website for regular updates on technology offerings. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, contact the UBIT Help Center and/or your instructor.

Will my syllabus change when my class moves online?

As your course transitions online, your syllabus will likely change, though the learning outcomes will remain the same. You should receive a new syllabus during the week of March 23. Make time to read the new syllabus and familiarize yourself with assignments and course expectations moving forward.

Where can I get help if I have questions about course requirements?

If something is confusing or you need help, reach out to your professor or TA through email or whatever method your instructor has requested. Creating a group chat with your classmates to share information and get help is a great idea!

Your academic advisor is also a valuable help resource. Undergraduate students can locate their specific advisor or advising unit in the HUB Student Center in MyUB. Graduate and professional students should consult their advisor or director of graduate studies. 

How can I contact my undergraduate academic advisor?

A full range of advising services is available remotely. Students can schedule an appointment online through the Student Success Portal, call or email their advisor/advising center directly for assistance.

Is remote tutoring/academic support available?

Tutoring and Academic Support Services, the Center for Excellence in Writing, and other tutoring centers across campus are offering online appointments.

Will hands-on learning opportunities, such as labs, studio programs, independent research and experiential learning, continue when course move online?

Faculty and departments are working hard to ensure that labs, independent research, and other hands-on learning opportunities continue and remain valuable for students. Please reach out to your instructor or TA for more information.

If your experiential learning project, independent study, research or internship has been disrupted by the transition to distance learning, the Experiential Learning Network has provided suggestions and options for earning a digital badge. Please visit the Complete Your Experiential Learning Course page for more information.

Will graduate students still be able to defend theses and dissertations after courses move online?

All thesis and dissertation defenses should be conducted remotely.

How will the university uphold academic integrity when classes are online?

Instructors are working diligently to ensure the best possible learning experience for you in an online setting. As a student, your responsibility is to complete your work in an honest fashion, upholding the expectations your individual instructors have for you in this regard. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you learn the content in your courses in accordance with UB’s academic integrity principles, regardless of whether instruction is live or online. Thank you for upholding your own personal integrity and ensuring UB’s tradition of academic excellence! For more information, please visit the Academic Integrity and COVID-19 for Students webpage.