Resources for Students

Organization and planning are the first steps to being a successful college student. This page will provide resources to support you throughout the semester.

Student Resources

Remember to:

  • Plan your semester. Whether you use a writing app, planner or pen and paper, seeing things in writing helps keep you on task.
  • Use your syllabus. Your syllabus is your contract with the instructor. Review your syllabus carefully and make sure to note important dates and deadlines to help you plan ahead.
  • Record due dates and important events. Keep track of important due dates, exams, holidays, etc. by color coding them so they stand out. You are less likely to miss deadlines and appointments if you write them down.
  • Make a to-do list. Making a to-do list can help boost productivity, improve focus and increase your motivation. Break due dates into actionable daily tasks or smaller to-do lists. This will help you avoid getting overwhelmed, and you can check things off as you go. Remember to prioritize things that are most important and require a lot of attention. They should get done first!