Tips For Student Success

  • Plan your semester. Whether you use a writing app, planner or pen and paper, seeing things in writing helps keep you on task.
  • Use your syllabus. Your syllabus is your contract with the instructor. Review your syllabus carefully and make sure to note important dates and deadlines to help you plan ahead.
  • Record due dates and important events. Keep track of important due dates, exams, holidays, etc. by color coding them so they stand out. You are less likely to miss deadlines and appointments if you write them down.
  • Make a to-do list. Making a to-do list can help boost productivity, improve focus and increase your motivation. Break due dates into actionable daily tasks or smaller to-do lists. This will help you avoid getting overwhelmed, and you can check things off as you go. Remember to prioritize things that are most important and require a lot of attention. They should get done first!

Are You a Student on Academic Probation or Warning?

  • Meet with an academic coach. 
    Students can meet with an academic coach, one on one, to develop more successful study habits and skills. Coaches will focus on your individual needs to help you reach your goals. Topics typically discussed are time management, study skills, exam prep and motivation.
  • Enroll in LAI 203 Academic Success Strategies Class.
    This course is designed for continuing students who need more focus on study skills and time management in order to meet the challenges of their academic courses. The course provides exposure to various study strategies, in-depth look at critical thinking, ways to increase motivation and improve attitude. There will be weekly meetings with an academic coach to assist you with implementation throughout the semester. The class includes lecture, discussion and in-class activities. 

Other ways to get help.

  • Ask your instructor.
  • Ask your teaching assistant (TA).
  • Ask your instructor about being paired with successful students in the course.
  • Ask the department for contacts in the major who may be able to help.
  • Form a study group.