Finish in 4

Graduation cap designs at the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Afternoon Commencement 2018 in Alumni Arena.

Our Commitment to Your Graduation

Did you know the average student takes five to six years to complete a four-year degree? At UB, you’ll be anything but average. We are leading the charge to help all students graduate on time with Finish in 4.

Finish in 4 is a pledge by you to do what it takes to earn your degree in four years, and a pledge by UB to provide you with the resources needed to do that.

If you take the pledge and fulfill all of the requirements but still can’t graduate in four years, UB will provide the opportunity to complete the needed courses free of tuition and comprehensive fee charges.

Line drawing of a person sitting at a laptop.

Choose a best-fit major.

Line drawing of calendar grid with an X in one day.

Meet with your advisor regularly.

Line drawing of a graduation mortarboard with a tassel.

Use academic tools and curricular plans to stay on track.

Here is what’s next:

  • Take the pledge.
  • Commit to the actions and behaviors that help you stay on track.
  • Connect with dedicated staff to help guide your progress.
  • Seek major and career planning assistance early on.
  • Develop life skills that will help you succeed in college and beyond.